• Alfresco for administrators
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  • 作者: Vandana Pal
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  • 出版年:2016
  • ISBN:9781782175032; 9781782174721
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Alfresco is an open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for Windows and Linux-like operating systems.

The year-on-year growth of business connections, contacts, and communications is expanding enterprise boundaries more than ever before. Alfresco enables organizations to collaborate more effectively, improve business process efficiency, and ensure information governance.

The basic purpose of Alfresco is to help users to capture and manage information in a better way. It helps you capture, organize, and share binary files.

This book will cover the basic building blocks of an Alfresco system, how the components fit together, and the information required to build a system architecture.

This book will also focus on security aspects of Alfresco. such as authentication, troubleshooting, managing permissions, and so on.

It will also focus on managing content and storage, indexing and searches, setting up clustering for high availability, and so forth.

Vandana Pal is a software engineer and author. She currently works as senior consultant at CIGNEX Datamatics.

She has extensive experience working with Enterprise Digital Asset Management and Content Management Systems. She has worked with various deployments of Alfresco in various domains, such as media, finance, and healthcare, for different organizations across the world. She has hands-on experience working with architecture design, performance tuning, security implementation, integration, and the orchestration of complex workflows in Alfresco.

She has more than 7 years of experience in software engineering. Her journey in this field began when she started working with different open source technologies and found them interesting. She holds a bachelors of engineering degree in information technology from Gujarat University, India.

Vandana has also coauthored Alfresco 4 Enterprise Content Management Implementation.

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 : Understanding Alfresco
    • Overview of Alfresco
    • Alfresco architecture overview
    • Business use cases of Alfresco
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2 : Setting Up the Alfresco Environment
    • Installing Alfresco using a wizard
    • Installing Alfresco manually on a Tomcat server
    • Installing Alfresco in JBoss
    • Installating AMP
    • Troubleshooting tips and best practices
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3 : Alfresco Configuration
    • The basics of Alfresco configuration
    • Repository configuration
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4 : Administration of Alfresco
    • Understanding the admin console
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5 : Search
    • Understanding Solr and Alfresco integration
    • Installing Solr
    • Understanding the Solr directory structure
    • Administration and monitoring of Solr
    • Troubleshooting Solr
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6 : Permissions and Security
    • Overview of permissions and roles
    • Authorizing users the use of content or space
    • Overview of the security model
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7 : High Availability in Alfresco
    • Clustering Alfresco servers
    • The backup and restore process
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8 : The Basics of the Alfresco Content Store
    • Understanding the content store architecture
    • Understanding the database schema
    • Understanding the content lifecycle in Alfresco
    • Summary
  • Chapter 9 : Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    • Understanding JMX in Alfresco
    • Server maintenance and best practices
    • Fetching audit records from Alfresco
    • Tips for troubleshooting the application
    • Summary
  • Chapter 10 : Upgrade
    • Understanding the Alfresco upgrade process
    • Best practices and troubleshooting
    • Summary
  • Index
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