• Achievement motivated leadership:Peace and prosperity for all
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  • 作者: Thomas D. Darby
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:2014
  • ISBN:9781631356797
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This intriguing novel uses an unusual method to present the lifestyle and political achievements of former President Paul Harvey Collins. The ex-president narrates the account of his career to presidential biographer Dylan Johnson. During their high school years, Paul and a friend take part in a civics class trip to the state legislature, but are dissatisfied with what they witness. They decide to enter politics to improve government efficiency. During their careers, they reduce the number and size of the haphazardly formed state and local governments, and support the merging of government departments. The result is a large decrease in the cost of government operations. Removing state House of Representatives reduces funding and increases effectiveness. Collins also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the executive branch. His new constitution produces a unicameral federal government. Collins relates how senators are now elected from near equal population senate districts, making the Senate the most powerful branch of government. The President serves at the pleasure of the Senate. As democratic principles spread throughout the world, peace and prosperity follow. Thomas D. Darby grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a distinguished professor emeritus at the School of Medicine, University of South Carolina, and distinguished research professor, Health Sciences University of Louisville. He was professor and chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology in Louisville, and associate dean for academic affairs in Columbia, South Carolina. He has written 67 papers for scientific journals and four books about the need for government change.

Publisher's website: http://sbprabooks.com/ThomasDDarby

  • Foreword(第xi頁)
  • Acknowledgments(第xiii頁)
  • 1. Biographer Meets Former President(第1頁)
    • Paul is ready to go to work(第4頁)
    • How the former president got his name(第6頁)
    • Paul continues with his life story(第6頁)
  • 2. Paul Is Ready To Start His Political Career(第9頁)
    • Ready to move up the political chain(第10頁)
  • 3. Paul And Albert Begin To Improve Governments(第12頁)
    • Dylan comes to the island for the second interview(第13頁)
    • Life story and political career interview continues(第13頁)
    • First Wild Dunes meeting(第14頁)
  • 4. All Work And No Play Makes You A Dull Person(第16頁)
    • Albert and I work on the merger problem(第17頁)
    • Back to the Wild Dunes meeting format(第18頁)
    • Success breeds Success(第20頁)
    • Each merger is different(第22頁)
    • New counties and cities to work with(第25頁)
  • 5. Status Quo Is Hard To Change(第28頁)
    • More about the family(第32頁)
    • Time for further career development(第34頁)
    • You must have excellent voter education(第36頁)
  • 6. Ready For Federal Office(第40頁)
    • Living in Washington, unhappy in office(第41頁)
  • 7. The Meeting Was A Success(第48頁)
    • A long way from one-man one vote representation(第51頁)
    • A little family time(第52頁)
    • Back to work(第53頁)
  • 8. The Trap Almost Works(第56頁)
  • 9. At Last An Escape From The House(第59頁)
    • Senate career begins(第61頁)
  • 10. Albert Joins Me In The Senate(第67頁)
    • Island boy party(第69頁)
    • Politics is always at work(第71頁)
    • Taking a little down time(第71頁)
  • 11. Problem With Higher Education(第74頁)
    • The higher education problem grows(第80頁)
    • Concerns about the economy(第84頁)
  • 12. Election Time Again(第87頁)
    • When it is not working, it is time for a change(第89頁)
    • Things in place for the election(第94頁)
    • It would be a miracle if we could improve our relations with the Islamic world(第95頁)
    • Stressing government problems(第97頁)
  • 13. If We Could Not Get The Job Done From The Office Of The President We Would Never Get It Done(第101頁)
    • The paper work problem(第104頁)
    • Computer education could be the answer(第108頁)
    • The Delphi method in use(第111頁)
    • Signs of power(第118頁)
  • 14. A Good Time That Night(第121頁)
    • Always a problem(第122頁)
    • Improving relations with the Islamic world(第123頁)
    • Misunderstanding still existed in the US(第130頁)
  • 15. Was It Politic Or Looking For Support(第131頁)
    • Appointment of a Supreme Court Justice(第135頁)
    • You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink(第140頁)
  • 16. Use Of Camp David To Support Diplomacy(第148頁)
    • A Place for diplomacy(第159頁)
    • Democracy was winning(第163頁)
    • Dealing with the Israeli problem(第165頁)
    • The Islamic world still occupied time(第166頁)
  • 17. Attention On Our Own Problems(第171頁)
  • 18. The New Constitution(第174頁)
    • Government reform at last(第181頁)
    • It is hard to turn down a request for service(第187頁)
  • Author’s Notes(第196頁)
  • About the Author(第197頁)
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