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The magical world of Harry Potter and his friends (and enemies!) is one that is host to a wealth of wonderful information. Over seven books, J K Rowling has introduced us to a fantastical place where I am sure many of us would love to live - despite the risks of coming across dark wizards or scary beasts! This book contains 400 questions to test the knowledge of any Harry Potter fan. From questions even a muggle should know all the way through to trivia that would test Dumbledore himself, this is an excellent way to enjoy the wizarding world even more. These quiz questions are generally based on the world as told to us in the books, rather than the series of films, as the two are sometimes quite different! Perhaps you will read this book - newly updated and revised for a third edition - on the bus home after a long day at work or school, or maybe you will test your friends and family to see if they are as much of a magical expert as you are.

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