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Will Bartholomew the panda have to take Ben's place when the Campbell family visit the dentist?

Keith Harvey was born in Nottingham. He went to Nottingham University where he qualified as a pharmacist. After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry he left to set up a toy company called Orchard Toys with his wife Margaret, a nursery school teacher. Orchard Toys produces educational games and puzzles for children aged 2 -5 years old. Keith is still actively involved in the company today sharing his wealth of creative ideas and experience.
In 2001 Keith's experience of designing games for young children led to him starting to write children's books. These stories were initially serialised on Radio Nottingham before being published. The Tiberius range of award winning books are about a little mouse called Tiberius, and his friends: Drag the Dragon, Sneaky Cat and Croaky Crow. The stories cover important early years' topics of sharing and friendship and involve experiences which the children can relate to and talk about.

Also from Tiberius Publishing is a range of books dealing with manners, hygiene and coping with situations.
His interests include theatre, travel and reading as well as his love of sport and ardent support for Leicester Tigers. He also loves to spend time with his family and grandchildren.

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