• Dwarf planets and asteroids:minor bodies of the solar system
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  • 作者: by Thomas Wm. Hamilton
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  • 出版年:c2014.
  • ISBN:9781631352164
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This stunning astronomy book explores Dwarf Planets and Asteroids: Minor Bodies of the Solar System.

Written by a retired astronomer, the book provides a survey of the dwarf planets and asteroids, giving details of the discovery, naming, orbits, and physical characteristics of hundreds of examples of the known asteroids found by astronomers in the past two centuries. It also includes the different groups and classes of asteroids.

Those bodies that have been visited by spacecraft are singled out for extra attention, including close-up photos where available. About two hundred asteroids have been found to have moons of their own, and the story of their discovery and examples of these moons are also included.

This is Thomas Wm. Hamilton’s fourth astronomy book in the past four years. Having retired after working for three years on the Apollo Project and 32 years of teaching college astronomy, he now has time to exercise his creativity by bringing select astronomical topics to a wider audience. Asteroid 4897 was named in Hamilton’s honor and is called Tomhamilton. The author resides on Staten Island, New York.

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