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  • 作者: 梁慧敏著
  • 出版社:人類智庫數位科技
  • 出版年:2015[民104]
  • ISBN:9789863730767
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  • 附註:中英對照
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  • 【作者序】為愛煲湯,暖肚暖心意!Stew Soup for Love: Warm Your Body andWarm Your Heart(第VII頁)
  • 跟著季節喝養身 Soup Regimen for Different Seasons(第10頁)
  • 煲湯祕訣:煲好湯的要領 Soup Stew Tips: Elements of Stewing Good Soup(第14頁)
  • 春天元氣湯 Spring Vigor Soup(第17頁)
    • 無花果雞翅湯 Chicken Wing Soup with Common Fig *潤腸排毒、美顏益膚 Clean internal organs and system. Nourish the face and skin.(第18頁)
    • 洋參眉豆玉米鬚湯 American Ginseng, Purple Haricot and Corn Silk Soup *利尿降壓、健脾安神 Improve diuretic function and lower blood pressure. Nourish the spleen and energy.(第20頁)
    • 黃豆芽番茄肉片湯 Meat Soup with Soybean Sprouts and Tomatoes *防癌抗老、美化肌膚 Prevent cancer and anti-aging. Beautify the skin.(第22頁)
    • 黃瓜薏米蛤蜊湯 Clam Soup with Cucumbers and Barley *滋陰補血、養肝明目 Nourish Yin energy and replenish blood. Protect the liver and eyes.(第24頁)
    • 白蘿蔔杞菊牛腱湯 Beef Shank Soup with Radish and Lycium Chrysanthemum * 清熱養肝、降低膽固醇 Cool and nourish the liver. Lower cholesterol.(第26頁)
    • 番茄蘆筍玉合牛肉湯 Beef Soup with Tomato, Asparagus and Solomon’s Seal *潤肺止咳、柔嫩肌膚 Nourish lungs and stop coughing. Nourish the skin.(第28頁)
    • 淮山芡實螺頭湯 Spiral Shell Meat Soup with Yams and Gorgon Fruits *明目護肝、滋補元氣 Improve eyesight and protect the liver. Replenish energy.(第30頁)
    • 核桃蜜棗雞湯 Chicken Soup with Walnuts and Candied Jujubes *益智補腦、安神健胃 Nourish your brain. Calm your mood and nourish your stomach.(第32頁)
    • 羅漢果貴妃骨湯 Pork Shoulder Blade Soup with Mangosteen *整腸健胃、化痰潤喉 Clean intestines and stomach. Ease throat phlegm problems.(第34頁)
    • 蓮子百合竹笙雞湯 Chicken Soup with Bamboo Fungus, Lotus Seeds and Lily *養心安神、健脾開胃 Nourish the heart and calm your mood. Good for the spleen and very appetizing.(第36頁)
    • 北耆百合牛骨湯 Beef Bone Soup with Astragalus and Lily *益氣補血、保護肝臟 Replenish energy and blood. Protect the liver.(第38頁)
    • 黃耆紅棗魚頭湯 Fish Soup with Astragalus and Date Palms *補中益氣、提升免疫力 Replenish blood and regulate the body system. Enhance immune system.(第40頁)
    • 蘑菇竹筍海參湯 Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots and Sea Cucumber Soup *養血益膚、防癌抗老 Replenish blood and nourish body skin. Prevent cancer and anti-aging.(第42頁)
    • 雙耳紅棗燉雞湯 Chicken Soup with Two Jelly Ears and Date Palms *滋陰潤燥、淨腸排毒 Nourish Yin and dryness. Clean internal organs and system.(第44頁)
    • 五行花漾湯Soup with Five Vegetables*通便潤腸、防癌排毒Clean internal organs and nourish intestines.Prevent cancer and clean body system.(第46頁)
  • 夏季涼補湯 Summer Cooling Soup(第49頁)
    • 冬瓜瑤柱雞湯 Wax Gourd and Scallops Soup *止咳降壓、滋養腦部 Stop coughs and lower blood pressure. Nourish your brain.(第50頁)
    • 花生木瓜排骨湯 Pork Rib Soup with Peanuts and Papaya *益智健腦、防止老化 Nourish your brain. Prevent aging.(第52頁)
    • 白朮茯苓魚肉湯 Fish Soup with Atractylodes and Poria *生津止渴、安定情緒 Quench thirst and calm emotion.(第54頁)
    • 竹蔗茅根清雞湯 Chicken Soup with Bamboo Cane and Cogongrass Rhizome *清熱降火、生津潤燥 Cool and purge pathogenic fire. Quench thirst and nourish dryness.(第56頁)
    • 淮杞百合花膠湯 Fish Maw Soup with Wolfberry, Yam and Lily *美白養顏、促進細胞再生 Whiten and nourish the skin. Promote cell regeneration.(第58頁)
    • 哈密瓜百合杞子瘦肉湯 Lean Pork Soup with Cantaloupe, Lily and Wolfberry *幫助消化、促進代謝 Promote digestion and metabolism.(第60頁)
    • 蓮藕西施骨湯 Lotus Roots and Pork Bone Soup *健脾開胃、調理體質 Good for the spleen and very appetizing. Condition body constitution.(第62頁)
    • 南瓜杏仁牛肉湯 Beef Soup with Pumpkin and Almonds *增進視力、排毒助消化 Improve eyesight. Help detoxification and digestion.(第64頁)
    • 金銀花雞腳湯 Honeysuckle and Chicken Feet Soup *清熱解毒、健脾潤肺 Cooling and detoxification. Nourish the spleen and lungs.(第66頁)
    • 馬蹄紅蘿蔔雞湯 Chicken Soup with Water Chestnuts and Red Carrots *清熱降火、益氣防癌 Cool and purge pathogenic fire. Condition body and prevent cancer.(第68頁)
    • 海玉竹牛腱湯 Beef Shank Soup with Angular Solomon’s Seal *清熱潤燥、補氣益腎 Cool and purge pathogenic fire. Condition body and nourish kidneys.(第70頁)
    • 竹笙干貝豬腱湯 Pork Shank Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Scallops *消脂減肥、美容養顏 Provide body slimming effects and beautify your skin.(第72頁)
    • 雪梨桂圓牛腩湯 Beef Sirloin Soup with Sweet Pears and Longan *止咳潤肺、補血安神 Suppress coughing and nourish heart and lungs. Replenish blood and calm emotion.(第74頁)
    • 扁蒲甘筍柿餅湯 Dried Persimmons Soup with Bottle Gourd and Red Carrot *潤喉止咳、保護氣管 Nourish throat and stop coughs. Protect airways.(第76頁)
    • 蘋果雪耳魚尾湯Fish Tail Soup with Apple and White JellyEar*美容潤膚、改善便祕Nourish the skin. Improve constipation.(第78頁)
  • 金秋滋養湯 Fall Nourishing Soup(第81頁)
    • 金針雞湯 Daylily Chicken Soup *除煩解燥、安定情緒 Relieve stress. Calm emotion.(第82頁)
    • 何首烏牛肉湯 Beef Soup with Fallopia Multiflora *氣血暢通、滋潤皮膚 Improve blood circulation. Nourish the skin.(第84頁)
    • 栗子杜仲雞腳湯 Chicken Feet Soup with Chestnuts and Eucommia *補腎強精、提高免疫力 Nourish the kidneys and strengthen Yang energy. Enhance the immune system.(第86頁)
    • 靈芝蜜棗牛腱湯 Beef Shank Soup with Ganoderma and Candied Jujubes *活化細胞、防動脈硬化 Revitalize cells. Prevent arteriosclerosis.(第88頁)
    • 當歸杞子羊腩湯 Lamb Shank Soup with Chinese Angelica and Wolfberries *調經補血、活血止痛 Condition menstruation and replenish blood. Circulate blood and stop pain.(第90頁)
    • 黑豆蓮子雞腿湯 Chicken Thigh Soup with Black Soybeans and Lotus Seeds *利尿降血壓、防止老化 Improve diuretic function and lower blood pressure. Prevent aging.(第92頁)
    • 川芎白芷鱸魚湯 Sea Bass Soup with Chinese Lovage and Angelica Dahurica *消腫止痛、補充鈣質 Reduce swelling and stop pain. Replenish calcium.(第94頁)
    • 桑葉蜜棗排骨湯 Pork Rib Soup with Mulberry Leaves and Candied Jujubes *清肺潤燥、養肝明目 Nourish the lungs and purge pathogenic fire. Protect the liver and eyes.(第96頁)
    • 田七杞子煲瘦肉 Lean Pork with Notoginseng and Wolfberries *益氣養血、化瘀消腫 Replenish energy and blood. Remove the bruises and reduce swelling.(第98頁)
    • 竹笙核桃蘋果牛肉湯 Beef Soup with Bamboo Fungus, Walnuts and Apples *益智健腦、幫助消化 Nourish your brain. Help digestion.(第100頁)
    • 天麻鮮魚湯 Tianma Fresh Fish Soup *潤膚補腦、保護視力 Nourish the skin and brain. Protect eyesight.(第102頁)
    • 猴頭菇牛蒡雞湯 Chicken Soup with Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Burdock *清熱解毒、整腸健胃 Cooling and detoxification. Clean intestines and stomach.(第104頁)
    • 花旗參菊花煲豬腱 Pork Shank Soup with American Ginseng and Chrysanthemums *清熱去火、補氣安神 Cool and purge pathogenic fire. Replenish energy and calm mood.(第106頁)
    • 山藥竹杞羊肉湯 Lamb Soup with Yams and Solomon’s Seal and Wolfberries *健脾益肺、增強免疫力 Nourish the spleen and lungs. Enhance the immune system.(第108頁)
    • 黨參淮山陳皮燉豬肉Pork Stew with Codonopsis, Yams andDried Orange Peels*整腸健胃、去溼潤燥Clean intestines and stomach. Nourish dryness.(第110頁)
  • 冬日養氣湯 Winter Replenish energy Soup(第113頁)
    • 北耆陳皮煲老鴨湯 Old Duck Soup Stew with Astragalus and Dried Orange Peels *補中益氣、清熱補血 Replenish blood and regulate the body system. Purge pathogenic fire and replenish blood.(第114頁)
    • 紅棗牛腱湯 Beef Shank Soup with Date Palms *補氣養血、增強體力 Replenish energy and blood. Enhance physical strength.(第116頁)
    • 淮杞鮑魚雞湯 Chicken Soup with Wolfberries, Yams and Abalones *滋陰養顏、平衡血壓 Nourish Yin and the skin. Balance blood pressure.(第118頁)
    • 雜菜牛骨湯 Beef Bone Soup with Assorted Vegetables *改善便祕、抗癌排毒 Improve constipation. Fight cancer and clean the body system.(第120頁)
    • 參耆羊肉湯 Lamb Soup with Codonopsis and Astragalus *活血調經、改善手腳冰冷 Invigorate blood circulation and regulate menstruation. Warm up cold hands and feet.(第122頁)
    • 銀杏蓮實雞翅湯 Chicken Wing Soup with Ginkgo, Lotus Seeds and Gorgon Fruits *暢通血管、改善虛弱體質 Condition the blood vessels. Improve the physical weakness.(第124頁)
    • 橄欖雪梨燉尾冬骨 Tail Bone Soup with Olive and Sweet Pears *清熱解毒、緩解喉痛 Cooling and detoxification. Relieve sore throat.(第126頁)
    • 淮山紅棗燉鮑螺片 Conch Soup Stew with Yams and Date Palms *滋陰去溼、明目降火 Nourish Yin and dehumidify. Enhance eyesight and reduce pathogenic fire.(第128頁)
    • 栗子鯉魚湯 Carp Fish Soup With Sweet Chestnuts *滋陰補氣、護腎明目 Nourish Yin energy and replenish blood. Protect kidneys and eyes.(第130頁)
    • 參鬚雞湯 Ginseng Tail Chicken Soup *生津潤燥、促進氣血順暢 Quench thirst and purge pathogenic fire. Promote blood circulation.(第132頁)
    • 美顏膠原湯 Beauty Collagen Soup *美白潤膚、預防骨質疏鬆 Whiten and nourish the skin. Prevent osteoporosis.(第134頁)
    • 補血安神牛尾湯 Blood Replenishing and Mood Soothing Oxtail Soup *氣血順暢、強筋健骨 Regulate energy and blood circulation. Strengthen tendons and bones.(第136頁)
    • 枸杞蓯蓉燉羊腩 Lamb Shank Soup Stew with Wolfberries and Northern Groundcone *潤腸通便、防止衰老 Clean internal organs and system. Prevent aging.(第138頁)
    • 當歸雞肉湯Chicken Soup with Chinese Angelica andDried Longans*補血養顏、滋補肝腎Replenish blood and nourish the skin. Nourishthe liver and kidneys.(第140頁)
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