• 成語書苑. 1-4, 東施效顰、孟母三遷、梁上君子、食指大動
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'Idiom 2' is a complete point of time the i-pad interactive teaching reading software. Each volume featured four through test data, a complete story of the historical allusions of the idiom, with an interesting scenario sounds, there are interactive games. And, in order to enable children to really understand the meaning of idioms, each story is also followed by a simple reading interactive game where children can learn the idioms used in the title show.

'Idiom Shuyuan' In addition to page, read the features, small on the page to an ant will always say, let the children in addition to reading, but also through diverse picture and sound to enhance interest in reading. There are also features interactive games, for the interpretation of technical terms, after-school reading test ... ... and so on. Is an interesting and Shenju educational books.

  • 使用說明(第iii頁)
  • 東施效顰(第2頁)
  • 成語故事大挑戰(第6頁)
  • 孟母三遷(第7頁)
  • 成語故事大挑戰(第11頁)
  • 樑上君子(第12頁)
  • 成語故事大挑戰(第16頁)
  • 食指大動(第17頁)
  • 成語故事大挑戰(第21頁)
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