I will set down a tale as it was told to me by one who had it of his father, which latter had it of his father, this last having in like manner had it of his father- and so on, back and still back,three hundred years and more, the fathers transmitting it to the sons and so preserving it.

  • CHAPTER I The Birth of the Prince and the Pauper(第2頁)
  • CHAPTER II Tom's Early Life(第3頁)
  • CHAPTER III Tom's Meeting with the Prince(第8頁)
  • CHAPTER IV The Prince's Troubles Begin(第14頁)
  • CHAPTER V Tom as a Patrician(第18頁)
  • CHAPTER VI Tom Recieves Instructions(第25頁)
  • CHAPTER VII Tom's First Royal Dinner(第32頁)
  • CHAPTER VIII The Question of the Seal(第36頁)
  • CHAPTER IX The River Pageant(第38頁)
  • CHAPTER X The Prince in the Toils(第41頁)
  • CHAPTER XI At Guildhall(第49頁)
  • CHAPTER XII The Prince and his Deliverer(第54頁)
  • CHAPTER XIII The Dissappearance of the Prince(第65頁)
  • CHAPTER XIV 'Le Roi est Mort - Vive le Roi'(第69頁)
  • CHAPTER XV Tom as King(第80頁)
  • CHAPTER XVI The State Dinner(第91頁)
  • CHAPTER XVII Foo-foo the First(第93頁)
  • CHAPTER XVIII The Prince with the Tramps(第104頁)
  • CHAPTER XIX The Prince with the Peasants(第111頁)
  • CHAPTER XX The Prince and the Hermit(第117頁)
  • CHAPTER XXI Hendon to the Rescue(第123頁)
  • CHAPTER XXII A Victim of Treachery(第127頁)
  • CHAPTER XXIII The Prince a Prisoner(第133頁)
  • CHAPTER XXIV The Escape(第136頁)
  • CHAPTER XXV Hendon Hall(第139頁)
  • CHAPTER XXVI Disowned(第146頁)
  • CHAPTER XXVII In Prison(第150頁)
  • CHAPTER XXVIII The Sacrifice(第159頁)
  • CHAPTER XXIX To London(第163頁)
  • CHAPTER XXX Tom's Progress(第165頁)
  • CHAPTER XXXI The Recognition Procession(第167頁)
  • CHAPTER XXXII Coronation Day(第173頁)
  • CHAPTER XXXIII Edward as King(第185頁)
  • CONCLUSION Justice and Retribution(第192頁)
  • NOTES(第195頁)
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