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To sing a song that old was sung,From ashes ancient Gower is come,
Assuming man's infirmities....

To sing a song that old was sung,From ashes ancient Gower is come,Assuming man's infirmities....


  • ACT 1. Antioch. Before the palace(第2頁)
    • SCENE 1.  Antioch. The palace(第3頁)
    • SCENE 2. Tyre. The palace(第9頁)
    • SCENE 3. Tyre. The palace(第13頁)
    • SCENE 4. Tharsus. The Governor's house(第15頁)
  • ACT II.  Enter GOWER(第19頁)
    • SCENE 1. Pentapolis. An open place by the seaside(第20頁)
    • SCENE 2. Pentapolis. A public way or platform leading to the lists. A pavilion by the side of it for the reception of the KING, PRINCESS, LORDS, &C.(第26頁)
    • SCENE 3.  Pentapolis. A ball of state. A banquet prepared(第28頁)
    • SCENE 4. Tyre. The Governor's house(第32頁)
    • SCENE 5.  Pentapolis. The palace(第35頁)
  • ACT III.  Enter GOWER(第38頁)
    • SCENE 1.  Enter PERICLES, a-shipboard(第40頁)
    • SCENE 2. Ephesus. CERIMON'S house(第43頁)
    • SCENE 3. Tharsus. CLEON'S house(第48頁)
    • SCENE 4.  Ephesus. CERIMON'S house(第49頁)
  • ACT IV. Enter GOWER(第50頁)
    • SCENE 1. Tharsus. An open place near the seashore(第52頁)
    • SCENE 2. Mytilene. A brothel(第56頁)
    • SCENE 3.  Tharsus. CLEON'S house(第60頁)
    • SCENE 4.  Before MARINA'S monument at Tharsus(第62頁)
    • SCENE 5.  Mytilene. A street before the brothel(第64頁)
    • SCENE 6.  Mytilene. A room in the brothel(第65頁)
  • ACT V. Enter GOWER(第71頁)
    • SCENE 1. On board PERICLES' Ship, off Mytilene. A pavilion on deck with a curtain before it; PERICLES within it, reclining on a couch. A barge lying beside the Tyrian vessel(第72頁)
    • SCENE 2. Ephesus. Before the Temple of Diana(第82頁)
    • SCENE 3. Ephesus. The Temple of Diana; THAISA standing near the altar as High Priestess; a number of virgins on each side; CERIMON and other inhabitants of Ephesus attending(第83頁)
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