FIRST GENTLEMAN. You do not meet a man but frowns;
our bloods
No more obey the heavens than our courtiers

  • ACT I.(第2頁)
    • SCENE I. Britain. The garden of CYMBELINE'S palace(第2頁)
    • SCENE II. Britain. A public place(第9頁)
    • SCENE III. Britain. CYMBELINE'S palace(第10頁)
    • SCENE IV. Rome. PHILARIO'S house(第12頁)
    • SCENE V. Britain. CYMBELINE'S palace(第16頁)
    • SCENE VI. Britain. The palace(第20頁)
  • ACT II.(第27頁)
    • SCENE I. Britain. Before CYMBELINE'S palace(第27頁)
    • SCENE II. Britain. IMOGEN'S bedchamber in CYMBELINE'S(第29頁)
    • SCENE III. CYMBELINE'S palace. An ante-chamber adjoining(第31頁)
    • SCENE IV. Rome. PHILARIO'S house(第37頁)
    • SCENE V. Rome. Another room in PHILARIO'S house(第43頁)
  • ACT III.(第44頁)
    • SCENE I. Britain. A hall in CYMBELINE'S palace(第44頁)
    • SCENE II. Britain. Another room in CYMBELINE'S palace(第47頁)
    • SCENE III. Wales. A mountainous country with a cave(第50頁)
    • SCENE IV. Wales, near Milford Haven(第54頁)
    • SCENE V. Britain. CYMBELINE'S palace(第60頁)
    • SCENE VI. Wales. Before the cave of BELARIUS(第66頁)
    • SCENE VII. Rome. A public place(第70頁)
  • ACT IV.(第71頁)
    • SCENE I. Wales. Near the cave of BELARIUS(第71頁)
    • SCENE II. Wales. Before the cave of BELARIUS(第72頁)
    • SCENE III. Britain. CYMBELINE'S palace(第87頁)
    • SCENE IV. Wales. Before the cave of BELARIUS(第89頁)
  • ACT V.(第91頁)
    • SCENE I. Britain. The Roman camp(第91頁)
    • SCENE II. Britain. A field of battle between the British and Roman camps(第92頁)
    • SCENE III. Another part of the field(第93頁)
    • SCENE IV. Britain. A prison(第97頁)
    • SCENE V. Britain. CYMBELINE'S tent(第104頁)
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