Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon.
Don John, his bastard brother.
Claudio, a young lord of Florence.
Benedick, a Young lord of Padua.
Leonato, Governor of Messina.

  • ACT I.(第1頁)
    • Scene I. An orchard before Leonato's house.(第1頁)
    • Scene II. A room in Leonato's house.(第10頁)
    • Scene III. Another room in Leonato's house.](第11頁)
  • ACT II.(第13頁)
    • Scene I. A hall in Leonato's house.(第13頁)
    • Scene II. A hall in Leonato's house.(第23頁)
    • Scene III. Leonato's orchard.(第25頁)
  • ACT III.(第32頁)
    • Scene I. Leonato's orchard.(第32頁)
    • Scene II. A room in Leonato's house.(第36頁)
    • Scene III. A street.(第40頁)
    • Scene IV. A Room in Leonato's house.(第44頁)
    • Scene V. The hall in Leonato's house.(第47頁)
  • ACT IV.(第49頁)
    • Scene I. A church.(第49頁)
    • Scene II. A prison.(第59頁)
  • ACT V.(第62頁)
    • Scene I. The street, near Leonato's house.(第62頁)
    • Scene II. Leonato's orchard.(第72頁)
    • Scene III. A churchyard.(第75頁)
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