• A Garden of One's Own:A Collection of Modern Chinese Essays. 1919-1949
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  • 作者: TAM, King Fai (ed.)著
  • 出版社:中文大學出版社
  • 出版年:2012
  • ISBN:9789629964238
  • EISBN:9789629964238 EPUB
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  This authoritative collection contains writings by some thirty of the most significant Chinese writers of the period between 1919 and 1949. The three decades from which these pieces are drawn encompass most of the Republican period, a tumultuous era in Chinese history in which modernization and republicanism coexisted with classical culture. Thematically, these xiaopin wen, or modern Chinese essays, differ significantly from the more social and political fiction of the May Fourth movement. Their scope varies, from ruminations on broader existential issues to more personal contemplations on everyday life, often delving into issues of morality and interpersonal relations. Although described as "essays," they are not restrained by the formal, expository connotations of this English term; rather, their tone is more intimate, reflective, and at times witty or tinged with melancholy.

  earned his BA in English and MPhil in Comparative Literature from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and MA and PhD in East Asian Studies from Princeton University. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chinese Culture of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Earlier, he taught for nearly two decades at Trinity College, Connecticut, US and served as the Associate Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • Introduction(第1頁)
  • Essays(第39頁)
    • Lu Xun(第41頁)
    • Xia Mianzun(第45頁)
    • Zhou Zuoren(第51頁)
    • Xu Dishan(第61頁)
    • Ye Shengtao(第67頁)
    • Lin Yutang(第75頁)
    • Zhang Henshui(第85頁)
    • Mao Dun(第89頁)
    • Xu Zhimo(第93頁)
    • Yu Dafu(第103頁)
    • Su Xuelin(第107頁)
    • Feng Zikai(第115頁)
    • Lu Yin(第129頁)
    • Zheng Zhenduo(第133頁)
    • Zhu Ziqing(第139頁)
    • Lao She(第151頁)
    • Bing Xin(第155頁)
    • Yu Pingbo(第163頁)
    • Fang Lingru(第173頁)
    • Liang Shiqiu(第177頁)
    • Zhu Xiang(第191頁)
    • Ba Jin(第195頁)
    • Ye Lingfeng(第199頁)
    • Li Guangtian(第203頁)
    • Liang Yuchun(第213頁)
    • Wu Boxiao(第225頁)
    • Lu Li(第233頁)
    • Qian Zhongshu(第241頁)
    • He Qifang(第247頁)
    • Su Qing(第261頁)
    • Zhang Ailing(第271頁)
  • Works Cited(第275頁)
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