• Painting Architecture:Jiehua in Yuan China, 1271-1368 (圖繪建築:元代界畫. 1271-1368)
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  • 作者: Leqi Yu
  • 出版社:Hong Kong University Press
  • 出版年:2022
  • ISBN:9789888754236
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Comprehensive research on a unique painting genre from fourteenth-century China
In Painting Architecture, Leqi Yu conducts comprehensive research on jiehua, or ruled-line painting, a unique painting genre in fourteenth-century China. This genre relies on tools like rulers to represent architectural details and structures accurately. Such technical consideration and mechanical perfection linked this painting category with the builder’s art, which led to the belittling of Chinese elites and eventually won the admiration of Mongol patrons. Yu argues that painters in the Yuan dynasty made new efforts towards a unique modular system and an unsurpassable plain-drawing tradition. She argues that these two strategies made architectural paintings in the Yuan dynasty entirely different from their predecessors, as well as making the art form extremely difficult for subsequent painters to imitate.


Leqi Yu is a scholar of art history and East Asian languages and civilizations.

  • List of Illustrations(第viii頁)
  • Acknowledgments(第xi頁)
  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • The Concept of Jiehua(第3頁)
    • Why the Mongol Yuan?(第17頁)
    • Xia Yong:A Neglected Jiehua Master(第19頁)
  • 1. Painting and Architecture(第36頁)
    • Dilemma: The Yellow Crane Tower or the Yellow Pavilion?(第36頁)
    • Modularity in Xia Yong’s Art(第50頁)
    • Utility and Artistry(第71頁)
  • 2. Painting and Painter(第83頁)
    • Wang Zhenpeng and His Lineage(第85頁)
    • Baimiao:The Power of Ink and Line(第92頁)
    • Landscape in Jiehua:Late-Yuan Literati Style versus Northern Song Li-Guo Style(第102頁)
  • 3. Painting and Politics(第112頁)
    • Direct Appointments:Based on Emperors’ Interest in Complex Constructions(第112頁)
    • Elegant Gatherings:The Interactions between Southern Scholars and Northern Officials(第122頁)
  • Conclusion(第126頁)
    • The Professional Atelier:An Alternative Interpretation of Xia Yong’s Jiehua(第127頁)
    • The Art Market:The Cultural Values of Buildings Painted(第130頁)
  • Notes(第137頁)
  • Bibliography(第171頁)
  • Index(第191頁)
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