• Disaster Management and Emergency Medicine in the Asia-Pacific Region::Current Practices and Future Directions
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  • 作者: Kenneth N. K. FONG, Ben Y. F. FONG著
  • 出版社:香港城市大學出版社
  • 出版年:2023[民112]
  • ISBN:9789629376536
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Around the world, people and societies are at risk of being affected by
disasters, both natural and man-made. In the face of climate change
and human activity, the threat posed by unexpected disasters is likely
to increase in future. This book, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, offers
insights from experts in healthcare and higher education both locally

and further afield. Some of the authors have first-hand experience with
various elements of disaster management, through such events as the
2008 earthquake in Sichuan and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as
emergency medical care for large-scale competitions including the
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.
Key learnings and recommendations are presented in three sections:
disaster management and reconstruction, including what we can learn
from past earthquakes; the importance of healthcare and emergency
medicine in disasters and community events; and the way forward, in
particular how technology and systems thinking can be used for
disaster mitigation. By shedding light onto future work in disaster
management and emergency medicine in Hong Kong and East Asia,
this book aims to contribute to community resilience in the region and
beyond. It will be useful for tertiary and postgraduate programmes,
teachers and academics, practitioners, healthcare providers,
policymakers, and community leaders.

  • List of Tables and Figures(第ix頁)
  • Abbreviations(第xi頁)
  • Foreword(David H. K. SHUM)(第xvii頁)
  • Foreword(Laura LO)(第xix頁)
  • Foreword(Yuk Yin CHOW)(第xxi頁)
  • Preface(Kenneth N. K. FONG, Ben Y. F. FONG)(第xxiii頁)
  • Part I — Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction : What We Can Learn from Earthquakes(第1頁)
    • 1 Emergency Medicine and Disaster Management : Concepts and Models Wei Kwang LUK, Wang-kin CHIU, Alan K. T. LEUNG, Alfred P. H. YIP,Derrick K. W. LAW, Ben Y. F. FONG(第3頁)
    • 2 A Scoping Review of the Impacts of Earthquakes and Natural Disaster Management on Physical and Mental Difficulties of Earthquake Survivors Kenneth N. K. FONG(第43頁)
    • 3 Medical and Public Health Disaster Competencies in Education and Training Curricula in China after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Sijian LI, Lu CHEN, Nana WU, Hao DAI, Shaohua CHEN, Rui XIA, Sunshine CHAN(第61頁)
    • 4 Review of the Quality of Life of Lower Limb Amputees after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake M. S. WONG, Qian WANG(第101頁)
    • 5 Earthquake Preparedness among People with and without Experience of Earthquakes and Injuries in China Kenneth N. K. FONG, Peng LIAO, Cong WANG, Hong ZHU, Qiuyun WANG,Danli WU, Cecilia W. P. LI-TSANG(第117頁)
  • Part II — Health and Emergency Medicine : Considerations for Hong Kong(第143頁)
    • 6 Roles of Primary Healthcare in Major Community Events Thomas M. C. DAO, Bean S. N. FU, Brendan C. Y. WU(第145頁)
    • 7 Training and Preparedness for Major Events, Massive Accidents, and Natural Disasters: A Hong Kong Report Yukie Y. K. LAM, Cynthia K. C. WAI, Jonathan H. O. WAI, Kin-kwan LAM(第167頁)
    • 8 Management of COVID-19 in Hong Kong Leon Wai LI, Percy W. T. HO, Sandra Wing Yi CHAN, Billy S. H. HO, Simon C. LAM(第189頁)
    • 9 The Operation and Practices of Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics in Hong Kong Simon S. M. YUEN, Calvin CHENG(第231頁)
  • Part III — Looking Forward : Policy and Technology Systems Thinking(第247頁)
    • 10 Technology in Disaster Management Joseph LEUNG(第249頁)
    • 11 Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainability, and Systems Thinking Wang-kin CHIU, Jocelyn R. TONG, Ben Y. F. FONG, Vincent T. S. LAW(第269頁)
  • About the Editors and Contributors(第293頁)
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