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An internationally acclaimed linguist, Professor William S-Y. Wang has had a distinguished career both in Hong Kong and abroad. In addition to formulating the theory oflexical diffusion, his academic interests have included experimental phonetic studies, language simulation and modeling and, more recently, aging and language.

In honor of Pro£ Wang's 90th birthday, his colleagues and friends from around the world have contributed more than 30 articles for a two-volume commemorative Festschrifi:. 1he contents of this English volume include diachronic, synchronic, and interdisciplinary linguistic studies from authors across Asia and in the United States. Focusing mainly on the Chinese language, topics include the evolution oflanguage, the relationship between language and music, and the functions and processes of the brain involved in language production. Written by and for seasoned language researchers, this Festschrifi: will also appeal to students of Chinese linguistics and readers with an interest in Chinese culture, history, and neurology.

  • Foreword(第xxiii頁)
  • Introduction(第xxxiii頁)
  • List of Illustrations(第xxxix頁)
  • Part 1 Diachronic Linguistic Studies(第1頁)
    • 1 Adjustment of the Ranking of Kernel Words in Light of Cases of Language Contact Baoya CHEN, Zihe LI, Dejiang YU(第3頁)
    • 2 Alveopalatal Affricate / Fricative Mixing in Common Min Cognate Sets W. South COBLIN(第37頁)
    • 3 A Secret of Birth : The Relationship between Korean and Chinese Ik-sang EOM(第59頁)
    • 4 How Understanding Population Movements Influences Our Understanding of Genetic Relationships and Language History : The Case of Min Chinese Randy J. LAPOLLA(第81頁)
    • 5 Variation of Southern Min Based on the 17th Century Spanish- Hokkien Dictionary : Patterns of Rime Groups in the Colloquial Stratum Chinfa LIEN(第93頁)
    • 6 Sino-Tai “ To Slip, Fall ” ~ “ Wrong, Incorrect ” Yongxian LUO(第105頁)
  • Part 2 Synchronic Linguistic Studies(第115頁)
    • 7 Phonological Representation and Phonetic Realization of Two Consecutive Neutral Tones in Mandarin-Speaking Children Aijun LI, Sichen ZHANG, Jun GAO(第117頁)
    • 8 ‘Bumyag Phonology and Vocabulary : An Amdo Dialect of Lithang County Jackson T.-S. SUN, Ling LIN(第139頁)
    • 9 The Co-Evolution of Chinese Music and Language : The Adaptational Formant-Interval Hypothesis and Its Sex and Cross-Cultural Implications Ivan Yifan ZOU(第189頁)
  • Part 3 Interdisciplinary Linguistic Studies(第213頁)
    • 10 Encoding of Contextual Sandhi Tonal Variants in Speech Production in Chaoshan Min: An Implicit Priming Study Xiaocong CHEN, Caicai ZHANG(第215頁)
    • 11 Subcortical Contributions to Language — What Are the Roles of the Corticostriatal and Corticocerebellar Loops ? Manson Cheuk Man FONG(第251頁)
    • 12 Interdisciplinary Research in Evolutionary Linguistics : Theories, Examples, and Suggestions Tao GONG, Lan SHUAI(第271頁)
    • 13 Cognitive Changes in Successful Older Language Learners Nga-Yan HUI(第299頁)
    • 14 Six-Year Longitudinal Changes of EEG Spectral Characteristics of a Healthy Older Individual Matthew King-Hang MA(第313頁)
    • 15 Hemispheric Specialization of Perceiving Cantonese Contour and Level Tones Lan SHUAI, Tao GONG(第329頁)
    • 16 Language Ability in the Sunset Years James H.-Y. TAI(第351頁)
    • 17 Aging Effects on Semantic and Syntactic Abilities in the Chinese Population Chenwei XIE(第371頁)
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