• 常春藤解析英語雜誌 [第417期] [有聲書]:The Science of Spiciness 無辣不歡 為什麼有人愛吃辣?
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April 2023

April is here, so you might see more daisies and sweet peas than other flowers. That’s because they are the flowers of April. To learn about their significance, be sure to read the article “April Birth Flowers: Daisies and Sweet Peas.” Another great article in this month’s issue of Analytical English is “Notre-Dame Cathedral: So Much More Than Just a Church.” It details the history of one of France’s most iconic landmarks. If you want to read more about history, then check out “The Rebirth of the Modern Olympics.” This article provides details about the first modern Olympic games as well as ancient ones. “Scratch That Itch with a Shark” describes how some types of tuna go to surprising lengths to relieve itches. Another great article about sea creatures is “The Peculiar Penguin.” It is full of information about that fascinating animal. These are just a few of the great articles you will find in the April issue of Analytical English.


《常春藤解析英語雜誌》培養升學.英語檢定.進修實力 / 詞彙程度約 4500~7500字 / 國內幾乎高中生人手一本的《常春藤解析英語雜誌》由賴世雄教授於一九八八年七月發行創刊號, 是一份製作嚴謹的專業英語廣播月刊。一直不斷在品質上力求精進及掌握學界脈動與讀者需求,多年來深獲全台英文老師的口碑肯定,並為多所高中指定之英文課外教材,更是無數青年學子心目中的第 一品牌!長期訂閱戰勝108課綱,輕鬆提升核心素養,每天只要30分鐘,學測、指考、英檢、多益、商英統統難不倒你!

  • 文意選填 The Benefits of “Baby Shark” 超洗腦兒歌 Baby Shark 對孩童好處多多(第6頁)
  • 科普園地 The Science of Spiciness 無辣不歡 為什麼有人愛吃辣?(第10頁)
  • 新聞集錦(第14頁)
    • 復活節島摩艾石像燒成焦黑(第14頁)
    • 日本養老院招募寶寶陪伴長輩(第15頁)
  • 詞彙測驗(第17頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 The Peculiar Penguin 企鵝冷知識,你知道幾個?(第21頁)
  • 克漏字 Scratch That Itch with a Shark 海洋界的不求人:鯊魚皮可用來止癢(第25頁)
  • 歷史迴廊 The Rebirth of the Modern Olympics 現代奧運會的重生(第29頁)
  • 新聞英語 Fusion Power Breakthrough 核融合大突破 潔淨能源不是夢(第32頁)
  • 主題寫作 Cats vs. Dogs: The Best Pet for Me 貓派、狗派選邊站(第35頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 April Birth Flowers: Daisies and Sweet Peas 四月誕生花(第39頁)
  • 克漏字 Music Interpreted with AI: Foley Music 跨足音樂領域的人工智慧:Foley Music(第43頁)
  • 翻譯(第47頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Notre-Dame Cathedral: So Much More Than Just a Church 法國巴黎的女主人:巴黎聖母院(第50頁)
  • 圖片寫作 Helping a Stranger 路面不平 行人注意!(第54頁)
  • 混合題型 Undoing the Mystery of Buttons 男女不同邊|鈕扣的性別之謎(第57頁)
  • 篇章結構 閃光燈記憶:腦海裡的照相機(第61頁)
  • 混合題型 Laziness and How to Overcome It 懶惰不是罪 拖延還是要面對(第65頁)
  • 混合題型 Laziness and How to Overcome It 懶惰不是罪 拖延還是要面對(第67頁)
  • 文意選填 Woman with Autism Makes History as a Florida Lawyer 真人版《禹英禑》!佛羅里達首位「自閉症律師」(第72頁)
  • 解析文法(第76頁)
  • 雜誌自學單元(第78頁)
    • 實力測驗(第78頁)
    • 背誦卡(第81頁)
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