• 常春藤解析英語雜誌 [第415期] [有聲書]:A Whole New World for Pets 寵物友善新世界
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February 2023

February is usually a cold and rainy time of year, so why not explore some exotic locations

around the world with Analytical English ? For those interested in discovering an under-theradar travel destination, “The Gambia: A Hidden Travel Destination” is a mustread article. It details the amazing features of this hidden gem of a country. “A Surfers’ Paradise in South France” is the perfect article for thrill seekers. In it, you can learn about the town of Soorts-Hossegor as a surfing hub. If you are more interested in food than action while traveling,“More Than Just a Meal” is the perfect article. It describes a famous dish eaten in Indonesia. “Switzerland’s Zero Star Hotel” looks at a bizarre travel experience tourists can have in a Swiss village. In addition to these travel-related articles, this issue has stories about the science of popcorn, the history of the workweek, and the benefits of hot verses cold showers. You will surely learn a lot by reading the February issue of Analytical English.


《常春藤解析英語雜誌》培養升學.英語檢定.進修實力 / 詞彙程度約 4500~7500字 / 國內幾乎高中生人手一本的《常春藤解析英語雜誌》由賴世雄教授於一九八八年七月發行創刊號, 是一份製作嚴謹的專業英語廣播月刊。一直不斷在品質上力求精進及掌握學界脈動與讀者需求,多年來深獲全台英文老師的口碑肯定,並為多所高中指定之英文課外教材,更是無數青年學子心目中的第 一品牌!長期訂閱戰勝108課綱,輕鬆提升核心素養,每天只要30分鐘,學測、指考、英檢、多益、商英統統難不倒你!

  • 電影介紹 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 蟻人與黃蜂女:量子狂熱(第5頁)
  • 文意選填 Ouka the Flying Dog 飛天狗狗冒險去!(第6頁)
  • 詞彙測驗(第10頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 The Gambia: A Hidden Travel Destination 來一趟甘比亞祕境旅行(第14頁)
  • 克漏字 More Than Just a Meal 乘載印尼傳統的美食 ―― 薑黃飯(第18頁)
  • 科普園地 The Science behind Popcorn 為什麼爆米花會「爆」呢?(第22頁)
  • 新聞集錦(第26頁)
    • 1. 瑞士零星級飯店 反思人類危機(第26頁)
    • 2. 荷蘭身先士卒 禁登肉類廣告(第27頁)
  • 圖片寫作 A Whole New World for Pets 寵物友善新世界(第29頁)
  • 混合題型 Are Skunks Misunderstood? 臭鼬:我可不隨便臭臭(第32頁)
  • 篇章結構 The Hedonic Treadmill: How Does It Affect Our Happiness? 享樂跑步機:找出屬於自己的幸福步調(第36頁)
  • 歷史迴廊 Mail Delivery: From Pigeons to Planes 飛越吧!信件|航空信件首次投遞成功(第40頁)
  • 新聞英語 Bill Gates’ Funded Program Working to Build Smart Toilets 比爾蓋茲資助計畫:智能馬桶化悲「糞」為力量(第43頁)
  • 圖表寫作 Buying a New Smartphone 買一支新手機!(第46頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 The Hot and Cold Shower Battle 冷水澡、熱水澡,你選哪一個?(第49頁)
  • 克漏字 A Surfers’ Paradise in South France 衝浪者天堂 ── 奧斯戈爾(第53頁)
  • 翻譯(第57頁)
  • 文意選填 How Much Internet Is Too Much Internet? 網路斷線好焦慮?現代人的新癮頭是上網(第60頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 How Many Days Are There in a Workweek? 是誰說一週一定得工作五天?(第64頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 How Many Days Are There in a Workweek? 是誰說一週一定得工作五天?(第66頁)
  • 混合題型 How US School Buses Got Their Color 有一種黃叫美國校車的黃(第70頁)
  • 解析文法(第74頁)
  • 實力測驗(第76頁)
  • 背誦卡(第81頁)
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