• The Young Scientists Level 1 [第116期]:An Excellent Agricultural Assistant
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Lobsters are ten-legged crustaceans closely related to shrimps and crabs. These creatures are found in all of the world’s oceans, as well as brackish environments and even freshwater.

They have poor eyesight but highly developed sense of taste and smell.

They feed primarily on fish and molluscs, but will eat algae and other marine plants and even other lobsters.

The largest lobster recorded was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and weighed 20.14 kg; it was between 0.9 to 1.2 m long.

Scientists think it was at least 100 years old.


The Young Scientists'

'The Young Scientists' are science-based comics published in English Language. There are three levels for three different age-levels – namely Level 1 (for ages 5–8), Level 2 (for ages 9–10) and Level 3 (for ages11–12).

'The Young Scientists' are explicitly illustrated and designed with the primary aim of promoting interest and literacy in Science among children in their early school life.

以科學為基礎的漫畫發表在英語語言。有三個層次,三個不同年齡層次 - 即第1級(5-8歲),2級(9-10歲)和3級(11-12歲)。


  • Science Anecdote : An Excellent Agricultural Assistant(第4頁)
  • Science Yarn : Little Pests(第12頁)
  • Let’s Experiment : Plants Breathe Too!(第20頁)
  • Science Is Fun(第27頁)
    • Test Your Knowledge 1(第27頁)
    • Test Your Knowledge 2(第29頁)
  • Love Our Earth : Measuring Sea Levels(第31頁)
  • Our Star Of The Month : Seahorses Swim Vertically(第35頁)
  • Guest Star Of The Month : Harvesting Pomelos(第41頁)
  • My Story : Largest Human Organ(第47頁)
  • Our Wonderful World : Rotten Grapes!(第52頁)
  • Funny Gags(第57頁)
    • There are Cats on Land(第57頁)
    • These are Not Chicken Eggs!(第58頁)
  • Why Oh Why? Giant Lobsters(第59頁)
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