• The Young Scientists Level 1 [第103期]:Plants Produce Oxygen
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Science Anecdote:
4 Laughable Sapling

Science Yarn:
13 A Gorilla Lost Its Way

IQ Corner:
23 Higher and Warmer

Oddities of Science:
24 I Don't Suck Blood!

What I Can See:
25 What Animal is This?

Science Is Fun:
27 Test Your Knowledge 1
29 Test Your Knowledge 2

Life Sciences:
31 Mother Monkey's Baby

Our Star Of

The Month:
35 Animals with Pouches

Guest Star Of

The Month:
42 Plants in the Room


The Young Scientists'

'The Young Scientists' are science-based comics published in English Language. There are three levels for three different age-levels – namely Level 1 (for ages 5–8), Level 2 (for ages 9–10) and Level 3 (for ages11–12).

'The Young Scientists' are explicitly illustrated and designed with the primary aim of promoting interest and literacy in Science among children in their early school life.

以科學為基礎的漫畫發表在英語語言。有三個層次,三個不同年齡層次 - 即第1級(5-8歲),2級(9-10歲)和3級(11-12歲)。


  • Science Anecdote : Laughable Sapling(第4頁)
  • Science Yarn : A Gorilla Lost Its Way(第13頁)
  • IQ Corner : Higher and Warmer(第23頁)
  • Oddities of Science : I Don't Suck Blood!(第24頁)
  • What I Can See : What Animal is This?(第25頁)
  • Science Is Fun(第27頁)
    • Test Your Knowledge 1(第27頁)
    • Test Your Knowledge 2(第29頁)
  • Life Sciences : Mother Monkey's Baby(第31頁)
  • Our Star Of The Month : Animals with Pouches(第35頁)
  • Guest Star Of The Month : Plants in the Room(第42頁)
  • Our Wonderful World : Eating Bananas(第48頁)
  • What Will Happen If... Elephant’s Long Trunk(第53頁)
  • Funny Gags(第57頁)
    • Not Moving(第57頁)
    • Gone?(第58頁)
  • Why Oh Why? Breaking Wind(第59頁)
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