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The lead, Noah Armstrong is an armoured car guard. He joins Charlotte Smith's armoured company after giving in to her charm. Noah serves as the chief guard as a newcomer, which dissatisfies the senior staff. After some heated arguments, their relationship gradually improves and they work in harmony. At this point the company receives a very important transit mission. Besides being watched by the whole city, the guards must be on the alert for robbers from all walks of life who are covetous of the precious item. How can they manage to deliver the item against all odds?

  • Chapter 1 A Top Secret Delivery(第8頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge An Extraordinary Courier(第20頁)
  • Chapter 2 A Thrilling Transit(第22頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge I Set Your Mind at Rest(第36頁)
  • Chapter 3 Charmed(第38頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge A Heavily Guarded Armoured Car(第50頁)
  • Chapter 4 Report for Duty, Captain!(第52頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Run, Fly and Even Swim!(第68頁)
  • Chapter 5 Get Ready(第70頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Armoured Car Incidents(第82頁)
  • Chapter 6 A Perilous Journey(第84頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge A Great Success(第104頁)
  • Chapter 7 Overcoming All Obstacles(第106頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Auditorium of Armoured Car(第126頁)
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