• National Park Quarterly 2021.09 (autumn):Saving us from nature deficit disorder
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Current Topic
Benefits of Birding

In the eyes of international bird lovers, Taiwan is a bird-watching paradise.
Participating in bird-watching activities brings you not only gaining a sense of accomplishment but also receiving wonderful surprises from nature that never repeats.

National Park Quarterly is an important media for 8 national parks in Taiwan to promote the achievement of wildlife conservation, environmental education and eco-tourism. Throughout the versatile contents in depth, readers around the world are more than welcome to enjoy the beauty of national parks with handpicked photographs and artistic layout.

  • SPECIAL THEME A Philosopher's Journey through the National Parks Commemorating Lung-Sheng Chang, the first CPAMI Director General/ Fu Lin(第2頁)
  • COVER STORY Saving Us from Nature-Deficit Disorder Current Topic Benefits of Birding(第16頁)
    • Following the Birds’ Trace around Taiwan Bird Watching Improves Your Concentration/ Wei-Han Li(第18頁)
    • Birds in History Classic Bird Stories/ Hsiao-Chun Chen(第32頁)
    • A land of Plenty for Birds Lanyang Estuary Important Wetland (National Level)/ Ru-Ling Yu(第38頁)
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