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Language matters greatly in almost every aspect of human behaviour and experience. Neurally and culturally humans are powerfully equipped to acquire language and use it for a variety of cognitive and social purposes. While the stress of this volume is more on the social purpose of language use, its cognitive development will also be discussed. This book comprises 20 chapters which are an extension of the interflow of ideas at the 8th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology held in Hong Kong, 2003.
Most of the chapters herein are selected from the 110 Conference presentations that have been screened by reviewers. Key issues are explored in four areas: I) Communication, II) Cultural Processes, III) Social Identity, and IV) Communicating Culture and Identity in Natural Social Settings.
This volume covers a diverse set of topics. Many real-life illustrations of the interaction of culture, identity and communication could be found. They include gender and intergenerational communication; language and ethnic identity; social identity within a multigenerational community of women; language, tourism and globalization; and communicating in mentoring programs and family conflicts.

  • Communication, Culture, and Identity : Overview and Synthesis Sik Hung NG, Chi Yue CHIU, and Christopher N. CANDLIN(第1頁)
    • Overview(第2頁)
    • A theoretical model of communication, cultural, and identity(第8頁)
    • Final remarks(第22頁)
  • Section I Communication(第25頁)
    • 1. An Intergroup Approach to Communicating Stigma : Gays and Lesbians Jessica R. ABRAMS and Howard GILES(第27頁)
    • 2. Emotional Expression as a Sociolinguistic Strategy : Its Importance in Medical Interactions Bernadette WATSON and Cindy GALLOIS(第63頁)
    • 3. A Self-Categorization Perspective on Gender and Communication : Reconciling the Gender-as-Culture and Dominance Explanations Nicholas A. PALOMARES, Scott A. REID and James J. BRADAC(第85頁)
    • 4. Seeing the Difference, Feeling the Difference : Emergent Adults' Perceptions of Communication and " Good " Communication with Peers and Adolescents Angie WILLIAMS, Peter GARRETT and Rosalind TENNANT(第111頁)
  • Section II Cultural Processes(第137頁)
    • 5. Making Sense of Differences : Language, Culture, and Social Reality Terry Kit-Fong AU(第139頁)
    • 6. Symbols and Interactions : Application of the CCC Model to Culture, Language, and Social Identity Chi Yue CHIU and Jing CHEN(第155頁)
    • 7. Culture and Intergenerational Communication : Implications of Cultures for Communication across Age Groups Hiroshi OTA(第183頁)
    • 8. A Comparative Study of Chinese and English Metaphorical Representation of Time Rong ZHOU(第203頁)
  • Section Ill Social Identity(第219頁)
    • 9. Social Identity, Self-Categorization, and Communication in Small Groups Michael A. HOGG(第221頁)
    • 10. Language and the Situated Nature of Ethnic Identity Kimberly A. NOELS, Richard CLEMENT and Sophie GAUDET(第245頁)
    • 11. Exploring Social Support and Social Identity within a Multigenerational Community of Women Margaret Jane PITTS and Amanda Lee KUNDRAT(第267頁)
    • 12. Language, Tourism and Globalization : Mapping New International Identities Adam JA WORSKI and Crispin THURLOW(第297頁)
  • Section IV Communicating Culture and Identity in Natural Social Settings(第323頁)
    • 13. Creating Caregiver Identity : The Role of Communication Problems Associated with Dementia Marie Y. SAVUNDRANAYAGAM and Mary Lee HUMMERT(第325頁)
    • 14. Communicating Disability : Stereotypes, Identity, and Motivation Cindy GALLO IS(第355頁)
    • 15. Will You be My Mentor ? The lntercultural Language of Initiating Mentoring Relationships Pamela KALBFLEISCH(第375頁)
    • 16. Mentoring Recidivist Youth Offenders Chris J. PAWSON and Carla L. GIBBES(第383頁)
    • 17. Improving the Evaluation of Mentoring Programs Ralph RENGER(第409頁)
    • 18. Discursive Construction of Knowledge and Narratives about Gangster Youth : A Critical Discourse Analysis of Social Work Research Interviews(第425頁)
    • 19. Rap Lyrics and Antisocial Effects on Young People in Hong Kong Jacky Chau-kiu CHEUNG(第451頁)
    • 20. Conflict in Families with Adolescents : How Family Relationships Affect Each Other Patricia NOLLER and Judith A. FEENAY(第473頁)
  • About the Editors and Contributors(第499頁)
  • Subject Index(第511頁)
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