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In the10th year of the Showa era (1935), Dorian Gray was Twenty-year-old. He came to Taipei forInherit family business.

He was a pure and kind-hearted young man who was full of curiosity and longing for the world, but when he discovered that his beauty was a power, he abused this power to cause his future to become miserable...

The prototype of the story is "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde (1854~1900).This is a composite text that combines Slash, Eroticism and Thriller, looking for a new meaning in contemporary Taiwan. 


Sung-Cheng Yang isAssistant Professor of the Department of Multimedia and Animation, Tainan University of Technology, and the Art Director of CHENG`S A STUDIO A COMPANY.

In addition to teaching, he is committed to the creation of comics, animation, video, theater and new media.

  • DORIAN GRAY(第2頁)
  • FIONN LYM(第4頁)
  • THOMAS HIGH(第5頁)
  • story start(第6頁)
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