• Stories of ancient Chinese architecture
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  • 並列題名:中国古建筑及其故事
  • 作者: Zhang Ciyun張慈贇, Chen Jie陳潔作
  • 出版社:Shanghai Translation Publishing House
  • 出版年:2020
  • 集叢名:Ancient Chinese wisdom
  • ISBN:9787532783403
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Ancient Chinese architecture is an integral part of the rich and time-honored Chinese culture and an important component of the world architectural system. It is most famous for the Great Wall, but there are so much more. In 7,000 years, Chinese people developed unique architectural philosophies, structures and techniques that are very different from their counterparts in other places of the world. While Chinese architectural beauty is a feast for the eyes, the soul of ancient Chinese construction usually lies in the historical stories behind the walls. In this book, the authors will guide you as you knock on the gate of this ancient kingdom.



Born in Shanghai in 1949, ZHANG Ciyun (Peter) graduated from Jilin Normal University, PRC with a major in English and later from Stanford University in the United States with a Master’s Degree in Journalism. Since 1980, he has worked for several newspapers and magazines in both Beijing and Shanghai. Also, he once served in the General Office of the Ministry of Communications as an interpreter and the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality as its Deputy General Director.

An acclaimed translator, reporter and editor, Mr. Zhang has helped bring into existence four English-language newspapers on the Chinese mainland, namely, China Daily, Beijing Weekend, Shanghai Star and Shanghai Daily. He is now the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Shanghai Daily and an executive council member of Translation Association of China. He has translated and co-translated more than a dozen books and a large amount of documents, including Strange Stories of Liao Zhai Studio and the English version of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He has also published many English and Chinese articles and theses in newspapers and magazines both in China and overseas.


國內資深英文媒體人,高級編輯,享受國務院政府特殊津貼。自1980年起,參與《中國日報》創辦,曾任中國日報社常務副總編輯。主持《北京周末報》、《上海英文星報》的創辦,均為第一任總編輯。 1996-2011年任上海市人民政府新聞辦公室副主任,1999年創辦《上海日報》社,任總編輯至2013年。現為中國翻譯協會常務理事、上海翻譯家協會副會長、《東方翻譯》主編、上海外國語大學新聞傳媒學院客座教授等。主要譯作:《聊齋誌異》(外文出版社,1995,合譯);《香港特別行政區基本法(草案)》(1988,合譯);《翻譯服務規範》(起草委員會成員/組長/英文定稿,中國標準化出版社,2004-2006);《中美關係史(1945-1949)》(資中筠著,美國哥大出版社,1991);《法國大革命的歷史啟示》(張芝聯著,北京大學出版社,1989);《中國彈撥樂演奏》(馬楠著,人民音樂出版社,1989);《中國教育法》(中譯英,高教出版社,1986);《一個女記者的傳奇》(英譯中,新華出版社,1986,合譯)等。

  • 封面页
  • 版权信息
  • Digital Lab简介
  • Introduction
  • 故宫 The Palace Museum
  • 阿房宫 Epang Palace
  • 布达拉宫 Potala Palace
  • 大明宫 Daming Palace
  • 皇家坛庙 Imperial Temples
  • 颐和园 Summer Palace
  • 圆明园 Old Summer Palace
  • 华清池 Huaqing Pool
  • 豫园 Yuyuan Garden
  • 苏州林园 Classic Gardens of Suzhou
  • 岭南园林 Lingnan Gardens
  • 秦皇陵 Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang
  • 乾陵 Qianling Mausoleum
  • 十三陵 The Ming Tombs
  • 长城 The Great Wall
  • 西安城墙 The Xi’an City Wall
  • 苏州城墙 The Suzhou City Wall
  • 登封观星台 Dengfeng Observatory
  • 岳阳楼 Yueyang Tower
  • 白马寺 White Horse Temple
  • 悬空寺 The Hanging Temple
  • 五台山 Mount Wutai
  • 大昭寺 The Jokhang Temple
  • 应县木塔 The Sakyamuni Pagoda
  • 大理三塔 Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple
  • 莫高窟 Mogao Grottoes
  • 化觉巷清真寺 The Great Mosque of Xi’an
  • 苏公塔礼拜寺 Emin Minaret Mosque
  • 永乐宫 The Palace of Eternal Joy
  • 四合院 Beijing Courtyard House
  • 皖南民居 Southern Anhui Village Residences
  • 石库门 Stone-Framed-Gate House
  • 窑洞 Cave House
  • 山西民居 Shanxi Courtyard House
  • 客家民居 Hakka Walled Village
  • 干栏式房屋 Stilt House
  • 骑楼 Arcade Building
  • 开平碉楼 Kaiping Tower
  • 梁桥 Beam Bridge
  • 拱桥 Arch Bridge
  • 悬索桥 Suspension Bridge
  • 书院 Academy of Classic Learning
  • 会馆 Guild Hall
  • 曲阜孔庙 Temple of Confucius, Qufu
  • 祠堂 Ancestral Temple
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