• National Park Quarterly 2021.03 (spring):Saving us from nature deficit disorder
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Saving Us from Nature-Deficit Disorder
Dancing with the Butterflies

The difference between watching butterflies and watching other animals is the opportunity to see butterflies actively flying around you. We don’t need to raise our heads or bend overlooking down to observe their beautiful appearance and dance moves. It is an excellent entry species for biological observation. The various steps in the observation process also give adults and children to escape from Nature-Deficit Disorder’s predicament of “sensory delay”. In this Spring Issue, we will introduce butterflies and their food source plants that can be easily observed in the national parks, and encourage beginners to go to the national parks to experience the fun and sense of accomplishment of “treasure hunting”.

National Park Quarterly is an important media for 8 national parks in Taiwan to promote the achievement of wildlife conservation, environmental education and eco-tourism. Throughout the versatile contents in depth, readers around the world are more than welcome to enjoy the beauty of national parks with handpicked photographs and artistic layout.

  • COVER STORY Saving Us from Nature-Deficit Disorder Currente Topic Dancing with the Butterflies(第2頁)
    • Melody among Butterflies and Flowers Butterfly and Flower Watching Keeps Sensory Delay Away(第4頁)
    • Meanings of Butterflies in Different Cultures In Search of Butterflies and Flowers in Our Culture(第20頁)
    • Creating a New Wetland Paradise Jhouzai Important Wetland (National Level)(第26頁)
  • GO NATURE GO HEALTHY Nature Is Children's Future Children's Cognitive Development @ National Park(第38頁)
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