• Charles Darwin, evolution, what is missing?
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  • 作者: David Lau
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  • 出版年:2020
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Proposal and design : -- to build orbit debris collector and re-launch into deep space after collection at place as Earth introduction to universe, think why flying saucer are all the same shape.
Universal energy with us always.
Can we have more safety from earthquake?

Summary story edition
Call for deep discussion by email:
Charles Darwin is a clever human same as us. We have all organs he has. He thought out a lot of things so as many great people. Probably some of us from this world also can think out something important. This is the reason why everyone on this world can dig in for more understanding and bring for discussion. This book came to start as a fiction or introduction for reading and public introduction.The only difference from other books is:-This book is short but everything is like brief summary written to leader information - a quickest way to know the important story in briefing, and can ask afterwards.
Besides, smart people can read and add further comment to lead this world to have existing truth like people talking we can fly and steel ships can float some hundred years ago. We can listen, join discussion, dig in, and many things will become our daily knowledge and become mystery no more.
This book is the summary edition of the story - to let reader know more things in a much quicker way.
For more details of any story please contact: David_OK_2013@yahoo.com for or join 'dig in' team.

Being an aviation study graduate, David is interested in our human worlds in a multifaceted approach, from our origins to astrophysics and future. He believes Science and Fiction are on the two sides of a beam balance. What we have proof now is called science on one side, and we put all those with no proof to the ‘fiction’ side. We are just waiting to see whether we can move the ‘no-proof’ to the ‘science’ side and call it science or, stay on the fiction side for an unknown period of time.

  • Introduction(第5頁)
  • Technical destruction reason of why former New York World Trade Center Tower 1, Tower 2 & Tower 7 collapsed, especially Tower 7 collapsed totally without any impact.(第7頁)
  • INSIDE STORY : Missing - Mystery or no mystery : What and WHERE IS MH-370?(第10頁)
  • What is the reason behind and the common direction of evolution?(第12頁)
  • Why do men have nipples but no need to feed the kids?(第14頁)
  • Why do human beings need to sleep?(第16頁)
  • Is history true?(第18頁)
  • UFO and Earth 2.x?(第20頁)
  • Folie à Deux related with brain disease and much more?(第22頁)
  • What is Dark matter and Dark energy?(第25頁)
  • Yes, people can have long life.(第27頁)
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