• Official as teacher:an investigation on the newly excavated document of legalist school in Qin China
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  • 並列題名:以吏為師 : 新出土法家教材新探
  • 作者: by Wen Ru Jia(溫如嘉)、Cheung Wai Po(張偉保)
  • 出版社:Lin Cing-Jhang Distributed by WAN JUAN LOU BOOKS CO., Ltd.
  • 出版年:2020
  • 集叢名:The New Asia Arts and Business Academic Series:1707001
  • ISBN:9789864783649
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In this book, under the historical-educational perspective, a group of teaching materials of Pre-Qin was certainly taught. e content of the teaching materials of Pre-Han was varied including legal documents, literacy, mathematics and ethical documents and so on.
The basic tone of the education system of Pre-Han changed into learning Law as the propriety educational target. Legalist school played the key role for educational policies making, determined who to learn, what to learn, and how to learn. e guiding educational policies made by legalist’s school were: “Burning the Shi 《詩》and the Shu 《書》to clarify the Law” and “Official as teacher”. e educational policy developed a huge impact for the education system in ancient China.

Wen Ru Jia(溫如嘉,First author)
Obtained full-scholarship of faculty of Education of Macau University during her Ph.D. period, the author nished her Ph.D. thesis in 01-2020. She earned a MA degree in Law in 2015 and had edited 7 monographs and published several journal papers since 2012. e author is diligently working on the related research, hoping it would discover more detail of the history, so that the present education reality would have a reection for further understanding through it.
Cheung Wai Po(張偉保,Second author)

I was born in Hong Kong in 1959. I had earned two Ph.d degrees in 1994 and 2004 respectively. I had published 11 books and about 50+ journal papers.

  • 總序 楊永漢(第a1頁)
  • Abstract(第b1頁)
  • Chapter One Introduction(第1頁)
    • 1.1. The worthwhileness of the topic(第1頁)
    • 1.2. Research Gaps(第2頁)
    • 1.3. Literature Review(第6頁)
    • 1.4. Research Question(第14頁)
    • 1.5. Methodology(第16頁)
  • Chapter Two The legalist school in Pre-Qin and Qin(第19頁)
    • 2.1. Li Kui 李悝(第20頁)
    • 2.2. Shang Yang 商鞅(第23頁)
    • 2.3. Shen Buhai 申不害(第31頁)
    • 2.4. Li Si 李斯(第34頁)
    • 2.5. Han Fei 韓非(第36頁)
    • 2.6. The influence of Legalist school(第43頁)
  • Chapter Three Law as education (theoretical introduction)以法為教(總論)(第45頁)
    • 3.1. What to learn?(第47頁)
    • 3.2. Legal learning materials(第55頁)
  • Chapter Four Law as education (substantial contents)以法為教(分論)(第59頁)
    • 4.1. The Eighteen Qin Statutes《秦律十八種》(第59頁)
    • 4.2. The Answers to Questions Concerning Qin Statutes《法律問答》(第67頁)
    • 4.3. Miscellaneous Excerpts from Qin Statutes《秦律雜抄》(第71頁)
    • 4.4. The Models for Sealing and Investigating《封診式》(第81頁)
  • Chapter Five The teaching material of Literacy 文字教材(第89頁)
    • 5.1. Introduction of the teaching material of literacy of Pre-Han China(第89頁)
    • 5.2. The handed documents of the teaching material of literacy during Pre-Qin China(第91頁)
    • 5.3. The newly excavated documents of the teaching material of literacy during early-Han China(第98頁)
  • Chapter Six The teaching material of Mathematics 數學教材(第111頁)
    • 6.1. The introduction of teaching materials of Math of Pre-Qin(第113頁)
    • 6.2. The classification of the teaching material of math Three main categories of the teaching material of math around B.C. 200(第119頁)
  • Chapter Seven The ethical teaching material of the Way to Be a Good Official 道德教材(第131頁)
    • 7.1. The main content of the teaching material of the Way to Be a Good Official(第133頁)
    • 7.2. Other 2 different statutes of the state of Wei 魏 in the ethical teaching materials of the Way to Be a Good Official(第142頁)
  • Chapter Eight Conclusion(第145頁)
  • Bibliography(第149頁)
  • 後記(第185頁)
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