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  • 作者: 法鼓山四眾弟子策劃.製作
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  • 出版年:2006[民95]
  • 集叢名:大悲心起2005年 2005年法鼓山落成開山大典系列活動典藏專輯
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The true meaning of the inauguration
is to open up the treasure mountain within everyone’s heart
so that we may learn how to develop compassion and wisdom
and together bring peace, harmony, happiness, and health
to our society and our world.
----Sheng Yen
Disk1 法鼓山落成開山大典系列活動菁華集錦
Highlights of the Dharma Drum Mountain Inaugural Acivities
From the Dharma Drum Mountain inaugural activities, we have put together the highlights of each event, including people’s expressions of gratitude, their reflections on the ceremony, and profiles of the volunteers, presenting a complete picture of the whole series of activities.
Disk2 法鼓山落成開山大典完整版紀念典藏
The Dharma Drum Mountain Inauguration Ceremony
The moment that Master Sheng Yen and distinguished domestic and overseas guests unveiled the Buddha statues together, formally inaugurating Dharma Drum Mountain, the guests and believers were all deeply moved. The inauguration ceremony marked a new page in the history of DDM, and gave the general public a deeper understanding of DDM’s vision.
Disk3 大悲心起感恩晚會完整版紀念典藏
Gratitude Concert of the Rising Great Compassion
To show gratitude to all DDM supporters, DDM sponsored “The Gratitude Concert of The Rising Great Compassion,” attended in high spirits by over 2,000 local and foreign guests and believers. The gently flowing music immersed the audience in an atmosphere of joy, peace, and harmony, a perfect reflection of the theme of “The Rising Great Compassion.”

大悲心起 2005年:法鼓山落成開山大典系列活動典藏專輯(全套17支)

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