• Supply chain decarbonisation:organisation and product carbon footprint. II
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Logistics and transportation is one of the highest carbon emitters among all the economic sectors. Following the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), where countries adopt first-ever universal and legally binding global climate deals, governments start to set emission targets and impose regulations on disclosing carbon emission activities. Campaigns have also been organized to initiate corporations to mitigate carbon emissions and raise public awareness on carbon footprint. This book gives a foundation on carbon footprint concepts, and methodologies on carbon footprint mapping and reporting. It also provides illustrations on pilot implementation of carbon footprint toolkits, as well as case studies showing the best practices on carbon emission mitigation for practitioners, scholars, and students.

  • CHAPTER 7 Case Studies: Best Practices in Carbon Emission Mitigation(第103頁)
    • 7.1 Case Study 1. Walmart: Suppliers’ involvement in achieving environmental protection goals(第104頁)
    • 7.2 Case Study 2. DHL: Core values of the GoGreen Program – Leadership and employees’ engagement(第117頁)
    • 7.3 Case Study 3. Airport Authority Hong Kong: A multi-stakeholder engagement model to facilitate carbon footprint reduction(第131頁)
    • 7.4 Case Study 4. Maersk Line: Strong environmental performance in multinational transportation(第140頁)
    • 7.5 Case Study 5. Swire: Commitment of diversified conglomerate in emissions mitigation(第149頁)
    • 7.6 Case Study 6. Tropicana: Pioneer on beverage product carbon footprint(第160頁)
    • 7.7 Case Study 7. Tesco(第172頁)
  • CHAPTER 8 Supply Chain Decarbonisation Reference Databases(第183頁)
    • 8.1 International Standards(第184頁)
    • 8.2 Standards in Hong Kong(第186頁)
    • 8.3 Other National Standards(第186頁)
    • 8.4 Supporting Organisations, Trade Associations, National Standard Bodies and National Accreditation Bodies(第187頁)
  • CHAPTER 9 Online Carbon Calculators(第191頁)
    • 9.1 General Carbon Calculators(第192頁)
    • 9.2 Supply Chain Carbon Calculators(第194頁)
    • 9.3 Carbon Calculators for Travel by Air(第195頁)
    • 9.4 Product Carbon Footprint Calculators(第196頁)
    • 9.5 Food and Beverage Product Carbon Footprint Calculator(第196頁)
  • References(第197頁)
  • Appendix(第206頁)
    • Appendix A - Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Hong Kong by Sector(第206頁)
    • Appendix B - Greenhouse Gas Global Warming Potentials(第207頁)
    • Appendix C - Electricity Emission Factors for China(第209頁)
    • Appendix D - Distance from Hong Kong to others major cities in China(第210頁)
    • Appendix E - Sample of reporting table in Chinese version(第211頁)
    • Appendix F - A company template on Carbon Offsetting List in Chinese(第212頁)
    • Appendix G - Sample of Verification Checklist Template in Chinese(第213頁)
  • Index(第216頁)
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