• Starting an online business all-in-one
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  • 作者: by Shannon Belew and Joel Elad
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2017
  • 集叢名:For dummies
  • ISBN:9781119315520; 9781119315544; 9781119315537
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  • 附註:"Learning made easy"--Cover. "11 books in one!"--Cover. Includes index.

Start a successful online business―and be your own boss!
Being an online entrepreneur means more than just building a website―and this book breaks down everything you need to know to be successful. Inside, you'll get plain-English explanations and easy-to-follow instruction on online business basics, legal and accounting issues, website design, Internet security, boosting sales, e-commerce, and so much more.
While the ideas and concepts behind starting an online business are tried and true, the tools available to entrepreneurs change and evolve quickly―and often. Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies gets you up to speed on the best new tools, resources, and communities, and shows you how to best leverage them to up your chances of success.

Discover your niche and create a business plan
Design your website and storefront
Increase your reach and market with social media
Choose the best web host for your needs
If you're a budding entrepreneur with dreams of running your own online business, this book has everything you need to get started and grow your company to extraordinary heights!

Shannon Belew currently leads the digital marketing strategy for Digium, a global, open source communications company, and is a frequent guest speaker and freelance writer.
Joel Elad is the head of Real Method Consulting, where he provides consulting and advice for e-commerce companies and entrepreneurs.

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • About This Book(第1頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第3頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第3頁)
    • Beyond the Book(第4頁)
    • Where to Go from Here(第4頁)
  • Book 1 Start-Up Essentials(第5頁)
    • Chapter 1 Starting from Scratch(第7頁)
    • Chapter 2 Turning Ideas into a Viable Internet Business(第17頁)
    • Chapter 3 Getting Real: Creating a Usable Business Plan(第31頁)
    • Chapter 4 Funding Your Online Business(第41頁)
    • Chapter 5 Creating Policies to Protect Your Website and Customers(第59頁)
    • Chapter 6 Setting Up Shop: What You Need for Online Efficiency(第67頁)
  • Book 2 Legal and Accounting(第83頁)
    • Chapter 1 Minding the Law(第85頁)
    • Chapter 2 Choosing the Right Foundation: From Partnerships to Corporations(第95頁)
    • Chapter 3 The Trademark-and- Copyright Two-Step(第103頁)
    • Chapter 4 Accounting for Taxes (and Then Some)(第111頁)
  • Book 3 Website Functionality and Aesthetics(第135頁)
    • Chapter 1 What’s in a (Domain) Name?(第137頁)
    • Chapter 2 Designing for User Experience(第151頁)
    • Chapter 3 Building a Site Without Spending a Fortune(第169頁)
    • Chapter 4 Finding the Host with the Most(第193頁)
    • Chapter 5 Developing Content That Satisfies Visitors and Search Engines(第201頁)
    • Chapter 6 Going Beyond Beta and Launching Your Site(第215頁)
  • Book 4 Online and Operating(第223頁)
    • Chapter 1 Determining Your Revenue Model(第225頁)
    • Chapter 2 Making Money with Affiliate Programs(第249頁)
    • Chapter 3 Turning Information into Profit: From E-Books to Webinars(第261頁)
    • Chapter 4 Paying with the Right Payment Options(第275頁)
    • Chapter 5 Putting the (Shopping) Cart before the Horse(第285頁)
    • Chapter 6 Taking Inventory(第301頁)
    • Chapter 7 Fulfilling Expectations and Orders(第309頁)
  • Book 5 Managing Security Risks(第331頁)
    • Chapter 1 Understanding Security and Your Risks(第333頁)
    • Chapter 2 Developing a Plan: Security and Business Continuity(第343頁)
    • Chapter 3 Spotting and Thwarting Hackers and Net-Thieves(第357頁)
    • Chapter 4 Locking Down Your Site and Your Business(第377頁)
  • Book 6 Online Marketing Basics(第387頁)
    • Chapter 1 Jump-Starting Traffic and Driving Sales(第389頁)
    • Chapter 2 Your Own Public Relations for the Web(第403頁)
    • Chapter 3 Web Marketing at Work(第417頁)
    • Chapter 4 Converting Browsers to Buyers(第443頁)
    • Chapter 5 Analyzing and Monitoring Your Customers(第463頁)
    • Chapter 6 Mastering Search Engines, Optimization, and Rankings(第487頁)
  • Book 7 Retail to E-Tail(第509頁)
    • Chapter 1 Expanding Online to Keep and Grow Customers(第511頁)
    • Chapter 2 Managing the Differences between In-Store and Online Commerce(第529頁)
    • Chapter 3 Window Dressing for the Online Display(第541頁)
    • Chapter 4 Making In-Store Customers Loyal Online Shoppers(第549頁)
    • Chapter 5 Revving Up with Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and More(第559頁)
    • Chapter 6 Troubleshooting the Transition to Online Retail(第577頁)
  • Book 8 E-Commerce Fundamentals(第589頁)
    • Chapter 1 Starting Up with E-Commerce Functionality(第591頁)
    • Chapter 2 Mastering the Amazon(第601頁)
    • Chapter 3 Web-ify Your Store with Shopify(第613頁)
    • Chapter 4 Making eBay THE Way(第629頁)
  • Book 9 E-Business for the Nonprofit(第647頁)
    • Chapter 1 Raining Donations: Fundamentals for Online Giving(第649頁)
    • Chapter 2 Adding Online Moneymakers to an Existing Site(第659頁)
    • Chapter 3 Growing an Active Donor Base: Your Virtual Community(第677頁)
    • Chapter 4 Identifying Online Marketing Strategies That Fit the Cause(第689頁)
    • Chapter 5 Legal Considerations for Nonprofit Organizations(第699頁)
  • Book 10 E-Commerce Trends and Market Opportunities(第707頁)
    • Chapter 1 Discovering Niche Markets(第709頁)
    • Chapter 2 Building Business via Social Commerce(第717頁)
    • Chapter 3 Evaluating the SaaS Model: Selling Software and Apps(第737頁)
    • Chapter 4 Generating Opportunities through the Generations: Millennials, Boomers, and Beyond(第747頁)
  • Book 11 E-Commerce Advanced(第763頁)
    • Chapter 1 Mapping the Digital Buyer’s Journey(第765頁)
    • Chapter 2 Getting Personal with Content Marketing(第775頁)
    • Chapter 3 Listening to the Voice of the Customer(第793頁)
    • Chapter 4 Overhauling an Aging Online Business(第809頁)
    • Chapter 5 Expanding Products to Increase Stagnant Sales(第823頁)
    • Chapter 6 Transitioning a Small Site into Big Business(第833頁)
  • Index(第847頁)
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