• Cognitive behavioural therapy
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  • 作者: by Rhena Branch, Rob Willson
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Retrain your thinking and your life with these simple, scientifically proven techniques!
Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT for short, is often cited as the gold standard of psychotherapy. Its techniques allow you to identify the negative thought processes that hold you back and exchange them for new, productive ones that can change your life. Increasingly popular among healthcare professionals, the CBT approach can be used by anyone to overcome common problems ranging from depression or anxiety to more complex disorders like OCD, PTSD and addiction. CBT can also be used to simply developing a healthier, more productive outlook on life.
This book shows you how you can easily incorporate the techniques of CBT into your day-to-day life and produce tangible results.. You’ll learn how to take your negative thoughts to boot camp and retrain them, establishing new habits that tackle your toxic thoughts and retool your awareness, allowing you be free of the weight of past negative thinking biases.

.Move on: take a fresh look at your past and maybe even overcome it
.Mellow out: relax yourself through techniques that reduce anger and stress
.Lighten up: read practical advice on healthy attitudes for living and ways to nourish optimism
.Look again: discover how to overcome low self-esteem and body image issues
Whatever the issue, don’t let your negative thoughts have the last say—buy a copy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Dummies and start developing your new outlook on life today!

Rhena Branch is an accredited CBT practitioner, supervisor and trainer who has trained hundreds of counselors. She is currently a lecturer at the University of East Anglia.
Rob Willson, PhD, is a cognitive behavioural therapist with over 25 years experience. He teaches and supervises internationally on CBT for OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • About This Book(第2頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第3頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第4頁)
    • Beyond the Book(第4頁)
    • Where to Go From Here(第5頁)
  • Part 1 Introducing CBT Basics(第7頁)
    • Chapter 1 You Feel the Way You Think(第9頁)
    • Chapter 2 Spotting Errors in Your Thinking(第21頁)
    • Chapter 3 Tackling Toxic Thoughts(第43頁)
    • Chapter 4 Designing and Conducting Behavioural Experiments(第55頁)
    • Chapter 5 Pay Attention! Refocusing and Retraining Your Awareness(第67頁)
  • Part 2 Charting the Course: Defining Problems and Setting Goals(第79頁)
    • Chapter 6 Exploring Emotions(第81頁)
    • Chapter 7 Identifying Solutions That Cause You Problems(第105頁)
    • Chapter 8 Setting Your Sights on Goals(第119頁)
  • Part 3 Putting CBT Into Action(第129頁)
    • Chapter 9 Standing Up to Anxiety and Facing Fear(第131頁)
    • Chapter 10 Abolishing Addictions(第143頁)
    • Chapter 11 Building a Better Body Image and Beating BDD(第161頁)
    • Chapter 12 Deconstructing and Demolishing Depression(第183頁)
    • Chapter 13 Sleeping Soundly(第201頁)
    • Chapter 14 Overcoming Obsessions(第211頁)
    • Chapter 15 Overcoming Low Self-Esteem and Accepting Yourself(第225頁)
    • Chapter 16 Cooling Down Your Anger(第241頁)
    • Chapter 17 Healing Illness Anxiety(第261頁)
  • Part 4 Looking Backwards and Moving Forwards(第267頁)
    • Chapter 18 Taking a Fresh Look at Your Past(第269頁)
    • Chapter 19 Moving New Beliefs from Your Head to Your Heart(第287頁)
    • Chapter 20 Heading for a Healthier and Happier Life(第301頁)
    • Chapter 21 Overcoming Obstacles to Progress(第317頁)
    • Chapter 22 Psychological Gardening: Maintaining Your CBT Gains(第327頁)
    • Chapter 23 Working with the Professionals(第337頁)
  • Part 5 The Part of Tens(第351頁)
    • Chapter 24 Ten Philosophies for Living That Work(第353頁)
    • Chapter 25 Ten Self-Esteem Boosters That Don’t Work(第361頁)
    • Chapter 26 Ten Mythical Monsters of Mental Health(第367頁)
  • Part 6 Appendixes(第373頁)
    • Appendix A Recommended Resources(第375頁)
    • Appendix B Forms(第379頁)
  • Index(第395頁)
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