Updated for today’s beginning horse enthusiasts!
If you’re just getting into the world of horses, there’s a lot to learn! Horses For Dummies gets beginning-level riders and aspiring first-time horse owners up to speed on all things equine! From selecting the right horse for you to feeding, grooming, and handling a horse, this book covers it all!
Featuring updates on breeds, boarding, nutrition, equipment, training, and riding—as well as new information on various equine conditions—this resource shows you how to keep your horse happy and take your riding skills to the next level.

.Features updated safety information
.Includes more riding disciplines
.Offers tips for better nutrition for your horse
.Provides grooming and training recommendations
If you’re crazy about horses, this hands-on guide is all you need to giddy up and go!

Audrey Pavia is the former editor of Horse Illustrated magazine and an award-winning writer of numerous articles on equine subjects. The author of seven books about horses, she has also contributed to Thoroughbred Times, Horse & Rider, and many other animal magazines.
Janice Posnikoff, DVM, is a highly respected equine veterinarian with over 20 years experience. She is a graduate of the Western College of Veterinarian Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part 1 Beginning with Horse Basics
    • Chapter 1 Welcome to the World of Horses
    • Chapter 2 Understanding Horses from Head to Hoof
    • Chapter 3 Perusing Popular Horse Breeds
  • Part 2 Selecting a Horse and the Stuff that Goes with Him
    • Chapter 4 Preparing to Make Your Purchase
    • Chapter 5 Making the Big Buy
    • Chapter 6 Getting into Gear with Horse Equipment
    • Chapter 7 Housing Your Horse Comfortably
  • Part 3 Taking Care of Your Horse
    • Chapter 8 Establishing an Everyday Routine
    • Chapter 9 Keeping Your Horse Clean and Pretty
    • Chapter 10 Preventing Equine Health Problems
    • Chapter 11 Examining and Treating Equine Health Troubles
    • Chapter 12 Giving Up Your Horse
  • Part 4 Handling Your Horse with Ease
    • Chapter 13 Working with Your Horse from the Ground
    • Chapter 14 Selecting a Riding Discipline
    • Chapter 15 Getting Ready Before You Mount
    • Chapter 16 Taking Control in the Saddle
    • Chapter 17 Staying Safe on (and around) Your Horse
    • Chapter 18 Competing on Horseback
    • Chapter 19 Riding for the Fun of It
  • Part 5 The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 20 Ten Horse Myths
    • Chapter 21 Ten Great Movies about Horses
  • Index
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