• Become a youtuber:build your own youtube channel
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  • 作者: by Cristina Calabrese
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2018
  • 集叢名:For dummies
  • ISBN:9781119404200; 9781119404286; 9781119404279
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If you're the type who goes to YouTube for everything from entertainment to information to a way to communicate with your friends, this is the book you need to build a channel worth subscribing to. Packed with the advice of a video production teacher who's created her own channel, this book offers step-by-step advice for building a YouTube audience.
Launch your channel – establish a home on YouTube where people can find your work

Create your videos – apply production tricks to create videos that viewers watch over and over again
Collaborate with your audience – build a relationship with your viewers that helps your audience grow


Cristina Calabrese is a founding member of and Director of Marketing for The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE), a STEAM-focused learning center for kids and adults located in Scarsdale, NY. She runs her own gaming channel on YouTube in her spare time.

  • Introduction(第xv頁)
    • About This Book(第xv頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第xvi頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第xvi頁)
    • Where to Go from Here(第xvii頁)
  • CHAPTER 01 Creating Awesome Content(第1頁)
    • The Three C’s of YouTube(第2頁)
    • Recognizing the Importance of Community(第2頁)
    • Coming Up with a Theme(第4頁)
    • Consistency Is Key(第5頁)
    • The Success Formula(第6頁)
    • Going Viral(第7頁)
    • The Six-Month Challenge(第8頁)
  • CHAPTER 02 Setting Up Your Channel(第11頁)
    • Setting Up Your Account(第12頁)
    • Navigating Your Channel(第14頁)
    • Customizing Your Account Settings(第16頁)
    • Choosing a Good Channel Icon(第22頁)
    • Creating a Channel Banner(第24頁)
    • Adding Social Icons to Your Banner(第26頁)
    • Getting Started with Graphic Design(第27頁)
    • Figuring Out What Programs to Use(第28頁)
  • CHAPTER 03 Creating an Intro Trailer(第29頁)
    • Breaking Down the Process(第30頁)
    • Brainstorming(第30頁)
    • Filming and Uploading Your Trailer(第37頁)
    • Setting Your Channel Trailer(第38頁)
  • CHAPTER 04 Shooting Your Video(第41頁)
    • Choosing the Right Camera(第42頁)
    • Using Webcams(第42頁)
    • Shooting on Mobile(第47頁)
    • Upping Your Game with Digital Cameras(第49頁)
    • Using Shot Angles to Add Interest(第49頁)
    • Paying Attention to Lighting(第51頁)
    • Picking Up Audio(第51頁)
    • Practice Makes Perfect(第53頁)
  • CHAPTER 05 Editing(第55頁)
    • Importing Footage(第56頁)
    • Cutting Clips(第57頁)
    • Adding Text, Transitions, and Audio(第59頁)
    • Reviewing and Exporting(第63頁)
    • Exploring Advanced Export Settings(第64頁)
    • Looking at Video-Editing Software(第65頁)
  • CHAPTER 06 Uploading Your Video(第67頁)
    • Your Upload Checklist(第68頁)
    • Uploading Your Video to YouTube(第68頁)
    • Finding Everything You Need in Info & Settings(第69頁)
    • Exploring Advanced Features(第79頁)
    • Accessing Your Videos through Video Manager(第85頁)
  • CHAPTER 07 Sharing Your Video(第87頁)
    • Encouraging Friends(第88頁)
    • Extending Beyond YouTube(第88頁)
    • Recognizing the Importance of Subscribers(第92頁)
  • CHAPTER 08 Tracking Your Video Performance(第95頁)
    • Accessing YouTube Analytics(第96頁)
    • Breaking Down the Numbers(第97頁)
    • Responding to Comments(第105頁)
    • Exploring Further(第108頁)
  • CHAPTER 09 Going Further with More Features(第111頁)
    • Making Money with Your Videos(第112頁)
    • Live Streaming on YouTube(第116頁)
    • Enabling Sponsorships(第124頁)
    • Organizing Playlists(第125頁)
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