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Antique collector, Anthony accidentally finds an ancient capeskin map which maps the undiscovered heritage. He calls his son, Carlos who is an archaeologist to carry out the archaelogical field work together. Unexpectedly, Anthony is found dead in a mysterious way. Carlos and his team face a lot of challenges and difficulties during the unearthing process. His housekeeper, Kenneth secretly follows him and his team to the archaeological site and manages to save them once from danger only to put them in greater danger in the end. Why does Kenneth tail them to the archaelogical site and drive them towards danger? Can Carlos and his team witness the unearthing of the ancient heritage in the end?

  • Chapter 1 Unexpected Discovery(第8頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Discovering the Truth(第24頁)
  • Chapter 2 Attack of the Hydra(第26頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Following the Rules(第42頁)
  • Chapter 3 Inescapable Crisis(第44頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Equip Yourself(第64頁)
  • Chapter 4 Fatal Hallucination(第66頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Salute the Antecedents(第78頁)
  • Chapter 5 True Identity(第80頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Secrets Under the Sea(第94頁)
  • Chapter 6 The Diamond on the Monster’s Head(第96頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge The Basis in Archaeology(第110頁)
  • Chapter 7 Let’s Perish Together(第112頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Conservation of Artefacts(第126頁)
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