• 簡易快煮好味湯餸
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  • 作者: Forms Kitchen編輯委員會編
  • 出版社:Forms Kitchen出版 香港聯合書刊物流發行
  • 出版年:2019[民108]
  • 集叢名:零失敗秘方系列
  • ISBN:9789621470065
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Forms Kitchen編輯委員會中的黃美鳳、Feliz Chan、Winnie姐都是資深的烹飪導師及食譜作者。

  • 教你快煮小竅門 Tips on Fast Cooking(第6頁)
  • 冷盤 • 小吃 Appetizers and Snacks(第8頁)
    • 麻辣青瓜 Cold Cucumber Appetizer Dressed in Sichuan Pepper Chilli(第8頁)
    • 白烚豬頸肉 Poached Pork Cheek(第12頁)
    • 毛豆煮烤麩 Braised Deef-fried Gluten with Edamame Beans(第14頁)
    • 酸辣四季豆沙律 Sour and Spicy Snap Bean Salad(第17頁)
  • 小炒 • 蒸餸 Stir-fries and St eamed Dishes(第20頁)
    • 洋葱牛肉炒番茄 Stir-fried Beef with Onion and Tomatoes(第20頁)
    • 金銀檸檬蒸黑鯧魚 Steamed Black Pomfret with Salted and Fresh Lemon(第22頁)
    • 乾煸鴕鳥肉 Sautéed Ostrich Meat(第24頁)
    • 黃金芙蓉魚米 Stir-fried Fish Dices with Corn Kernels and Egg Whites(第27頁)
    • 麵醬蒸龍躉腩 Steamed Giant Grouper Belly in Soybean Paste(第30頁)
    • 蝦醬蒸豬頸肉 Steamed Pork Cheek with Shrimp Paste(第32頁)
    • 黑椒百合牛柳條 Stir-fried Beef Tenderloin and Lily Bulb in Black Pepper Sauce(第35頁)
    • 鴛鴦棗蒸文昌雞 Steamed Wenchang Chicken with Black and Red Dates(第38頁)
    • 蝦醬炒魷魚筒 Stir-fried Baby Squids in Shrimp Paste(第40頁)
    • 麵豉啫啫唐生菜煲 Sizzling Chinese Lettuce Casserole with Soybean Paste(第42頁)
  • 煎焗 Fried Food and Grills(第44頁)
    • 椒鹽雞中翼 Fried Mid-joint Chicken Wings with Peppered Salt(第44頁)
    • 蕉葉烤魚 Baked Sole Fillet with Banana Leaf(第46頁)
    • 焦糖香葱燒排骨 Caramel Roasted Pork Spareribs(第49頁)
    • 煎三文魚柳 Fried Salmon Fillets(第52頁)
    • 豆漿芝士焗西蘭花 Baked Broccoli with Soybean Milk and Cheese(第54頁)
    • 照燒汁鯖魚 Fried Mackerel in Teriyaki Sauce(第56頁)
  • 燜煮 • 鍋物 Stewed Dishes and Casserole(第58頁)
    • 九層塔煮雞球 Three-cup Chicken with Thai Basil(第58頁)
    • 紅酒牛柳芥蘭鍋 Beef Tenderloin Casserole with Kale and Red Wine(第60頁)
    • 簡易沙薑汁浸雞髀 Chicken Legs in Spice Ginger Sauce(第62頁)
    • 枝竹酸菜魚腩煲 Grass Carp with Tofu Stick and Pickled Vegetable in Clay Pot(第65頁)
    • 日式咖喱蘋果雞 Japanese Apple Chicken Curry(第68頁)
    • 豆漿鮮淮山雞肉鍋 Yam and Chicken Nabemono with Soybean Milk(第70頁)
    • 鮮蝦麻婆豆腐 Stir-fried Tofu with Shrimps(第72頁)
    • 三葱煀雞 Stewed Chicken with Assorted Onions(第74頁)
  • 滾湯 Quick-boiled Soups(第76頁)
    • 杞子枸杞菜魚尾湯 Fish Tail Soup with Qi Zi and Wolfberry Vine(第76頁)
    • 節瓜鹹蛋湯 Chinese Marrow Soup with Salted Egg(第78頁)
    • 香芹胡椒豆腐蜆湯 Clam Soup with Tofu and Chinese Celery(第80頁)
    • 紫菜蘿蔔肉碎味噌湯 Miso Soup with Seaweed, White Radish and Pork(第82頁)
    • 木棉魚大豆芽番茄湯 Big-eye Fish Soup with Soybean Sprout and Tomato(第84頁)
    • 芫茜皮蛋魚片湯 Grass Carp Soup with Coriander and Century Egg(第86頁)
    • 蝦仁雪耳羹 Shrimp and White Fungus Thick Soup(第89頁)
    • 芥菜排骨湯 Sparerib Soup with Mustard Greens(第92頁)
    • 韓式海鮮湯 Korean Seafood Soup(第94頁)
    • 菠菜豬膶湯 Pork Liver Soup with Spinach(第96頁)
    • 苦瓜鹹菜海魚湯 Fish Soup with Bitter Melon and Salted Mustard Green(第98頁)
    • 紅蘿蔔竹蔗馬蹄湯 Water Chestnut Soup with Carrot and Sugarcane(第100頁)
    • 洋葱番茄薯仔牛肉湯 Beef Soup with Onion, Tomato and Potato(第102頁)
    • 鹹菜桂花魚湯 Chinese Perch Soup with Salted Mustard Greens(第104頁)
    • 冬瓜海鮮湯 Winter Melon and Seafood Soup(第106頁)
    • 草菇肉絲豆腐羹 Tofu Thick Soup with Straw Mushroom and Pork(第108頁)
    • 淮山紅菜頭葉素菜湯 Vegetable Soup with Beetroot Lea and Yam(第110頁)
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