• Chilly the Lost Polar Bear
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  • 作者: Michael Rosenberg[原作]
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Group
  • 出版年:2011
  • ISBN:9781612047171
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When Douglas and his family travel to South Africa on holiday, his beloved toy polar bear, Chilly, falls out of the suitcase onto the luggage carousel. Chilly's colorful adventure begins when another little boy finds him and Chilly is taken on a safari. Chilly, prone to getting lost, falls out of a Land Rover and ends up in a prickly bush! Suddenly, an elephant comes along and carries Chilly away to safety.

Will Chilly be reunited with Douglas? How does he get back to the little boy who cherishes him? Follow the exciting and heartfelt journey in Chilly the Lost Polar Bear.

With grateful thanks to Fiona.

Michael Rosenberg lives in Brookmans Park, Herts, UK, where he is a board member for a number of companies. His writing is inspired by the wonderful imagination of children and, in this case, by the true story of a boy called Douglas who kept losing his toy polar bear. Mr. Rosenberg has now published four books, and is working on his fifth.

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