• The effects of a hunger strike on the body
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In the first two to three hours of a hunger strike, the body uses up reserves of glycogen, glucose and fats. The person starts to feel weak and dizzy. In the first one to two days, the skin becomes pale, the breath smells of acetone, the tongue becomes furred, and eyes develop an unhealthy luster. The person may start to experience headaches. During days two to four, the person loses weight by burning fat and muscle. The feeling of hunger disappears. Toxic components build up in the blood. Between days seven and 10, as fluids are ingested, toxic substances are cleaned out. In response to internal toxicosis, the person becomes more active. After 10 to 20 or more days, the person experiences extreme weakness and fatigue. If no food is consumed, liver and kidney damage, and toxins in the brain will cause death.

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