• Deadly! Deadly Serious Comedy
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  • 作者: Ken McIntosh[作]
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Group
  • 出版年:2011[民100]
  • ISBN:978-1-61897-051-0;
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“After thirty years of treating cancer patients with radiation, I never had the opportunity to treat an atheist,” says author Ken O. McIntosh. “All of my patients had faith that God would heal them of their disease, but no one could explain to me how to get faith.”

Deadly! Deadly Serious Comedy and Comical Calamity is a book about searching for answers.

“I saw only one miraculous cure while I was treating a big-time smoker, and he had the gall to go and die from something else!” His daughter, who was a nurse, “couldn’t believe the X-ray films had cleared up and wanted my opinion after her father died as to all kind of things that I could never hope to answer.”

After this experience, McIntosh made it his mission to find out as much as he could about “faith.” His quest is ongoing, and has taken him into the mysterious world of cosmic energy and intelligent coherent communication with unincarnate forces.

“I’ve seen things that defy explanation and discovered historical facts that I try to point out to people.” In the end, what matters is the search for answers. “When nice things happen to you, unexplainable coincidences, people will marvel and spend many a day and night trying to explain them.

Ken O. McIntosh is a retired radiation therapist living in Weeki-Wachee, Florida. His next book is a collection of “non-poetry.”

  • FAITH…(第iii頁)
  • Acknowledgments(第ix頁)
  • CHAPTER 1 Bang! You’re Dead! Now Wake Up!(第1頁)
  • CHAPTER 2 What Secrets Are You After? Your Program Is Obsolete! Who Programmed You?(第9頁)
  • CHAPTER 3 Who’s Your Contact? Who’s Feeding You Operative Information?(第31頁)
  • CHAPTER 4 Societies and Cults of Hopes, Wishes, and Mental Programming(第49頁)
  • CHAPTER 5 Ghost Stories(第77頁)
  • CHAPTER 6 Power Up the Undead. Reprogram(第99頁)
  • CHAPTER 7 Who Made You God? You Don’t Even Look Like Me(第119頁)
  • CHAPTER 8 You’re A Winner. This Is No Scam!(第129頁)
  • CHAPTER 9 The Sky Is Falling! It’s Raining Piña Coladas(第147頁)
  • CHAPTER 10 Activate the Mekaxx(第159頁)
  • CHAPTER 11 Aviation Electronics Reprogramming: Revolving Cemetery(第235頁)
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