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The aviation industry is a very challenging one. Every person in the industry plays an important role during flight. Pilots and the aircrew have to be prepared at all times to face and solve any emergencies. Are they able to deliver their passengers safely to their destinations?


Story | Miyou
Graduated from Taiwan Tamkang University, major in Mass Communication.
She is very passionate on story writings.
She hope that readers will love the world of stories which she created through writings.

Illustrator | Quan Ying Sheng
Comtemporary artist who works mostly on comics and ink art. His comics and ink artworks had won over 30 awards.

He became the founder of Zhong Bang Animation company on year 1999 and published nearly 3000 artworks. His
artworks are mostly published and distributed in China, Korea, Thailand and several Europe countries.

  • Chapter 1 The Juniors(第7頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge The Busiest Profession in the Sky(第21頁)
  • Chapter 2 Superstar Crisis(第25頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Emergency Landing(第39頁)
  • Chapter 3 The Bitter Technician(第41頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Aircraft ‘Doctors’(第55頁)
  • Chapter 4 Drugs at the Airport(第57頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Rules, Regulations and Procedures(第71頁)
  • Chapter 5 The Sick Captain(第75頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Fly Me to the Moon(第89頁)
  • Chapter 6 The Nutty Professor(第93頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Stressful Situations(第107頁)
  • Chapter 7 Life or Death in the Sky(第109頁)
    • Occupational Knowledge Mayday! Mayday!(第123頁)
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