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Pulton from planet pluto followed his teacher and classmates to Earth to look for research materials but was accidentally left behind on Earth.Pluton then got to know a few children and befriended them.He then got used to life on Earth.

Pluton is endowed with plenty of magic props.Whenever his friends are in danger or confronted with difficulties, he helps them using his magic props.

Will school life be interesting with Pluton around?Will Pluton be able to return to his own planet one day?

  • Characters(第4頁)
  • Story 1 : Level Up, Battle! Moral Value: Self-discipline(第7頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: Super Attraction!(第23頁)
    • Game Station: Spot The Differences(第25頁)
  • Story 2 : Dirty Cat Moral Value: Reflection(第27頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: The Importance Of Personal Hygiene(第43頁)
    • Game Station: The Right Toiletries(第45頁)
  • Story 3 : Oh, My Oppa! Moral Value: Self-discipline(第47頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: Idol Era(第63頁)
    • Game Station: Moon Is Going To A Concert!(第65頁)
  • Story 4 : The New Amusement Ar cade Moral Value: Conflict Resolution(第67頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: Getting Lured Into An Amusement Arcade(第83頁)
    • Game Station: Game On!(第85頁)
  • Story 5 : Praise Me, Please Moral Value: Stress Management(第87頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: Learn To Destress(第103頁)
    • Game Station: Stress Free!(第105頁)
  • Story 6 : Jealous Pluton Moral Value: Care For Others(第107頁)
    • Monitor’s Corner: Value Friendship(第123頁)
    • Game Station: Friend Among The Crowd(第125頁)
  • Info(第126頁)
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