• Symposium on ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation on plantation forests in Taiwan and France
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  • 並列題名:臺灣與法國人工林生態系經營與生物多樣性保育硏討會論文集
  • 作者: Dar-Hsiung Wang, Chih-hsin Chung
  • 出版社:Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
  • 出版年:2008
  • 集叢名:TFRI extension series:no.186
  • ISBN:978-986-01-6956-0;
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The global acreage of plantation forests has dramatically increased to nearly 200 × 106 ha by 2000. Most of these trees are planted in areas that once supported very productive natural forests, grasslands, or wetlands. Forest managers around the world are confronting the multifarious tasks of biodiversity conservation, timber production, ecosystem function and stability, and environmental protection of these man-made forests. The history of managing plantation forests is relatively short in Taiwan compared with the case of France, but forest managers in both countries are facing similar bottlenecks in plantation management. In Taiwan, man-made forests covering approximately 420,000 ha in area is an important forest ecosystem. Thinning is a prerequisite activity adopted in the plantation management. But, relevant data regarding the consequences of thinning on biodiversity and on forest function, and endemic vegetation regeneration and restoration are still scanty. Therefore, the purpose of the conference is to investigate the thinning impacts on forest services, forest functions, and biodiversity, and on species variation and population dynamics of vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, and mosses.

  • Managing Forest Plantations for Biodiversity Conservation and Timber Production in Taiwan. Sun I. F.(第1頁)
  • Thinning Effect on Stand Structure of a Sugi Plantation (Cryptomeria japonica) in the Zenlen Area. Wang D. H., Sun I. F., Hwong J. L., Lin Z. H., Deng S. L., Chung C. H.(第7頁)
  • Effects of Different Forest Thinning Treatments on Soil Net Nitrogen Mineralization and Nitrification in a Cryptomeria japonica Plantation. Chiang P. N., Wang M. K., Kuo S. R., Guan B. T., Lin K. C., Chen T. H., Chan Y. M., Weng S. H.(第21頁)
  • Soil Respiration in a Cryptomeria japonica Plantation of Central Taiwan. Kuo Y. L., Tsen Y. L., Yang Y. L.(第35頁)
  • Long-term Maintenance of Soil Fertility in Forest Plantations. Laclau J. P., Ranger J., Bouillet J. P., Dambrine E., Harmand J. M., Turpault M. P., Saint-Aandre L.(第47頁)
  • Effects of Differential Thinning Treatments in an Man-Made Forest on Vertebrate Diversity and Community Structure: the Baseline Study. Lin L. K., Kam Y. C., Bridgman C. L.(第65頁)
  • Functional Diversity in Temperate Mixed Stands: Response of Co-occurring Deciduous Tree Species to Light and Water Availability. Caquet B., Zapater M., Barthod S., Granier A., Dreyer E., Guehl J. M., Epron D.(第79頁)
  • The Effects of Thinning on Spider Diversity in a High Elevation Juniper Plantation in Central Taiwan. Huang P. S., Lin H. C., Lin C. P., Tso I. M.(第89頁)
  • Analyzing After-Thinning Microclimatic Responses Semi-parametrically. Guan B. T., Weng S. H., Kuo S. R., Hsu H. W.(第105頁)
  • Characteristics of Microenviroment in a Cryptomeria japonica Plantation in Zenlen Area. Chen M. C., Wang D. H., Hwong J. L., Lin H. C.(第117頁)
  • Landscape-Scale Model of How Forest Diversity, Climate and the History of Spruce Budworm Defoliation Affect the Wildfire Potential in Ontario (Canada). Candau J. N.(第129頁)
  • Fungal Diversity in Managed Resinous Forests : the Case of the Landes de Gascogne Forest Escarmant B. L., Vacher C., Guinberteau J.(第147頁)
  • Macrofungal Species Composition and Distribution in a Japanese Cedar Forest in Taiwan. Wang P. H., Lin W. R.(第161頁)
  • Human Impacts, Management, and Conservation of Genetic Diversity in Forestry. Ducousso A., Antoine K., Annie R., Remy P.(第171頁)
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