• Making Sense
  • 點閱:57
  • 作者: by Bill Jones
  • 出版社:Eloquent Books
  • 出版年:2010
  • ISBN:9781618975478
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Celebrated Artist and Writer Bill Jones delivers again with 'Making Sense'

With roots in Washington DC, Palm Beach, and The Great Smoky Mountains, He reaches out with his rebellious Free wheeling, jovial Spirit...with hopes for a better World through better understanding of how our mind, ego, brain, and Soul all function, inter-linked and in unison.... either dealing with and/or Creating our Reality and/or Circumstances that Manifest it.

He writes from, and to share, his perspective of his unlimited Dreamer type Philosophy of Peace, Love and Self-Mastery...gained from his studies in Psychology, Philosophy, Nature, Dreams, the Sub-Conscious, Alpha brain waves, Christianity, Brotherhood, the Tao, Zen, Logic, Human Behaviorism, Higher Mind and Intelligence, Meditation, Theoretical Physics, Expanded Awareness, Theosophy, to mention some studies...and still learning.

A unique and Visually Beautiful Work, long awaited by Jones fans, 'Making Sense' is a collection of enlightening Poems and Essays on Present Moment Awareness, Emotion Mastery, and Brotherhood...each respectively being the precursor of, and the facilitator for, the next.

AND...the Largest part of the Book is devoted to *Love and Romance...since it is of This... that makes it all worth while...so...read on...for...'it is of Love that I speak'

'To read my work...is to know my Soul'...Bill Jones

  • See of Dreams
  • The Woods of Is
  • Pearls and Swine
  • By the See of Love
  • Presents of Being
  • Dark Wood
  • Dare You See, Dear One
  • River of Choose
  • Manifesting
  • Icon of Ages
  • "Of Thee I See
  • Of the Lady I See
  • The Moment
  • the Awakening
  • Princess of the Light
  • Together To Light
  • The Cake That is You
  • Seeing You
  • The Scent of You
  • The Art of Look
  • Sounds of You
  • Thoughts into Tomorrow
  • The Tastes of You
  • the Sense of Linking
  • Touching You
  • The Wanting Sense
  • Holding You
  • Sense into Being
  • Fire Keeper
  • The Mystery Unfolds
  • The Vision Stays
  • My Marilyn-like Dream
  • Friday Night
  • Coming Together
  • It’s You
  • Angel Princess
  • My Vision My Dream
  • Honey
  • My Best Beloved
  • Blend
  • Five Foot Two
  • Evermore and All in You
  • The Lightning
  • Friends and Lovers
  • Real Life Angel Girl
  • Smiling Eyes
  • Time of Us
  • So Intriguing
  • BabyGirl Dreams
  • Journey with Thee
  • Three Days
  • Just for You
  • Dreams EnSue
  • Princess of Bon Aire’
  • Light Voyager
  • Days of You
  • Fantasy Lover
  • The Erotic Vixen
  • Two of One
  • The Best
  • Moonlit Sea
  • Princess of the Night
  • Princess in Waiting
  • Wanting and Waiting
  • The First Kiss
  • Poppy love
  • Sand Castles in the Air
  • Passionate Princess
  • Ladylove alicious
  • The Immutable Zarabeth
  • Through Eyes to Being
  • Our Season
  • After and Evermore
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