• So Many Hotels, So Little Time
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  • 作者: Kenneth Vincent[作]
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Group
  • 出版年:2012[民101]
  • ISBN:9781618975362
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Take a wild and bumpy ride through the world of hotel management in the new book So Many Hotels, So Little Time.

See the inner workings of a hotel and live the dramas that play out behind the scenes in the backdrop of hotels of all shapes and sizes.

Author Kenneth Vincent writes about his vast experiences that cover forty-six years, from 1954 to 2000. The hotel locations range over 22 states, a U.S. territory, and four other countries.

He says, 'I wanted to share the exciting, and sometimes scary world of hotel management. This book is a must-read for anyone intending to pursue a career in the hotel business, and an entertaining adventure to others who might never have stayed in one or have extensively traveled on business or pleasure.'

About the Author:

Kenneth Vincent describes his age as '71 going on 150.' Now retired, the author formed and operated a hotel management corporation and seven other related companies. He lives in Panama City, Florida. His next book is a political satire titled The Republic of Tranquility.

A Note From the Author: I have taken the liberty of borrowing a technique from James Michener, a writer I greatly respect. The first third of the book deals with specific technicalities to set the stage for the story. The remainder is a synopsis of true events I have experienced in my career that are entertaining, amusing, strange, shocking and unbelievable. Anyone that travels extensively should find a new insight into what has been merely an overnight stay in the past. Enjoy! KV

Publisher's website: http://SBPRA.com/KennethVincent

  • Why Me,Lord?(第1頁)
  • What is a Hotel?(第9頁)
  • Who Owns Hotels,andMotels,and Why?(第17頁)
  • Who Manages Hotels?(第25頁)
  • How Does OneManage a Hotel?(第35頁)
  • What is More PerishableThan a Raspberry?(第41頁)
  • How do I MakeMy Hotel Profitable?(第47頁)
  • What is it Like toManage a Hotel?(第61頁)
  • What About Lawsuitsand Unions?(第73頁)
  • When Should I LeaseInstead of Buy?(第83頁)
  • What Danger?(第87頁)
  • Who are My Guests andWhat are They Doing Here?(第99頁)
  • Do I Have to doEverything Myself?(第109頁)
  • What About Big Problems?(第119頁)
  • Who Needs Training toClean a Toilet?(第123頁)
  • Why Not Go Offshore?(第127頁)
  • Where the Hell am I?(第131頁)
  • So, What Was it Like in the“Good Old Days?”(第139頁)
  • So Now What?(第145頁)
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