• Butterfly in a Glass Bottle
  • 點閱:437
  • 作者: Thomas Green[作]
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Group
  • 出版年:2012[民101]
  • ISBN:9781618975003
  • 格式:EPUB ,PDF


Barely keeping one step ahead of the law, Ila Jabiru survives by her wits, perpetrating one scam after another. Her current ruse: arranging for terminally ill patients to carry messages to the 'other side' for well-heeled, grief-stricken survivors. Haunted from childhood by a recurring nightmare and the desire to unlock its message, she is facing fraud charges and a possible gaol sentence.

Jonathan Mark Claymore-Whitford is a handsome, athletic, Oxford-educated criminal profiler with an impressive track record of solving cold cases. He's also a gifted psychic. But his arrogance has clashed once too often with his supervisor at New Scotland Yard, so he's now on loan to the Western Australian Police Force.

The unlikely meeting of Ila and Jonathan sets the stage for strange and portentous events. The fun and games begin when Jonathan hires Ila to decorate his office - an old, unused boiler room in the police station.

Set in today's Perth, Western Australia, Butterfly in a Glass Bottle showcases the psychic world in a way you won't forget!

About the Author:

Thomas H. Green wanted to be a writer at age 5. He also works as a medium, drawing upon his knowledge of the psychic world to enhance his novels. Born in England, he now lives in Perth, Western Australia, with Christine, his wife and soul mate.

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