• The Gypsy saw two lives
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  • 作者: Rodica Mihalis[作]
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Pub. and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:2012[民101]
  • ISBN:9781618974914
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The Gypsy Saw Two Lives is the memoir of a woman whose life journey takes her from communist Romania to America, the land of freedom, but it also holds many surprises, good and bad.

This true story is a fast-paced and entertaining book. It shows the determination of the human spirit, but also the questioning and struggles with unimaginable obstacles along the journey of life. Is there a plan that a Higher Power has for each of us? Do we understand it, or accept it on faith? This memoir offers the author's personal, painfully honest and direct answers to these questions and more.

The title was inspired by a gypsy fortuneteller who read Rodica's palm as she was dashing to catch the train that would take her to freedom. The gypsy said, 'I see two lives!'

Rodica was born a fighter and has had an exciting life, filled to the brim with twists and turns, sadness, happiness and hope. Her goal is to take readers to a deep level of understanding, not only of a different culture, but also of the universal human emotions that are similar, regardless of who we are and our many superficial differences.

'Rodica Mihalis tells an extraordinary story that leads from places very unlike ours to here - a place where such extraordinary journeys are not extraordinary. This nation was founded by men and women who crossed an ocean of differences for opportunity and a dream, and this book gives us a tap on the heart, reminding us that such people still come.' - Mark Stein, author of How the States Got Their Shapes.

  • Part I: Communist Romania, Roots that Grow Deep(第1頁)
    • God Had a Plan, but I Disagreed(第3頁)
    • A Fairy Tale from Romania(第5頁)
    • A Little Girl Forced Upside Down(第7頁)
    • A Taste of Freedom(第11頁)
    • Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned(第19頁)
    • Always Trust Your Gut(第23頁)
    • The Christened Chicken at Grandmother’s House(第29頁)
    • Was It Fear or Second-Hand Smoke?(第35頁)
    • Mandatory Russian Classes and Private French Lessons(第39頁)
    • Why Are You Touching My Breasts?(第45頁)
    • A House Is Not a Home(第51頁)
    • Sex and Booze… A Teenager’s Paradise(第57頁)
    • Eloping: Could It Be Genetic?(第63頁)
    • The Bible, a Sinful Book(第71頁)
    • Antiques: What Do Americans Know?(第75頁)
    • The Earthquake that Shattered My First Love(第81頁)
    • The Priest Was There, but Where Was God?(第91頁)
    • The Truth about the Soviet Union(第99頁)
    • The Speechless Speech(第105頁)
    • Good-Bye or See You Later(第109頁)
    • Choices and Consequences(第113頁)
    • Suspended Between Two Countries(第117頁)
    • I Was a Number(第123頁)
    • Time, a Matter of Perception(第131頁)
    • The Interview(第135頁)
    • There Was No God, but I Met the Angels(第141頁)
    • Pictures(第149頁)
  • Part II: America, a Nest on My Branch(第155頁)
    • The Peanut Butter Crisis(第157頁)
    • No Experience Necessary(第163頁)
    • Gay! (As in Happy)(第171頁)
    • Things, Good and Bad, Come in Three(第175頁)
    • Coincidence Or Destiny(第181頁)
    • Pride, Lust, and Damaged Men(第185頁)
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Younger Man(第189頁)
    • Society Hill Socialite(第195頁)
    • A Slice of Borrowed Heaven(第201頁)
    • An Independent Woman(第205頁)
    • Here Comes Prince Charming in a Talking Car(第211頁)
    • Am I in the Red Light District?(第217頁)
    • The Social Register(第225頁)
    • The Unforgivable for Corporate America(第229頁)
    • Two American Citizens At Once(第233頁)
    • A Voice from the Past(第237頁)
    • Not All Immigrants Are Alike(第241頁)
    • A Year of Death and Birth(第245頁)
    • Natalie, Child of Christmas(第249頁)
    • The Potty Training Seat Travels to Holland(第253頁)
    • Susan’s Spirit(第263頁)
    • Is this Domestic Violence?(第271頁)
    • Am I a Guinea Pig?(第277頁)
    • A Voice from the Past Returns(第281頁)
    • Why It’s Called the Practice of Medicine(第287頁)
    • I Stay for the Kids(第293頁)
    • An Exotic Date with My Ex-Husband(第297頁)
    • The Convict Fish(第303頁)
    • A Letter from the IRS(第307頁)
    • Still Waters Run Deep(第311頁)
    • The Beginning of the End(第317頁)
    • Incidental Findings(第323頁)
    • The Year from Hell(第329頁)
    • …Hell Continued(第337頁)
    • Shock at the Funeral Home(第345頁)
    • Confusion at the Police Station(第349頁)
    • The Gift that Keeps on Giving(第355頁)
    • To My Roots and Back on My Branch(第359頁)
    • God’s Plan for My Two Lives(第367頁)
    • About the Author(第369頁)
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