• National Park Quarterly 2012.06 (Summer):Messages from Summer
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  • 作者: 內政部營建署編著
  • 出版社:內政部營建署
  • 出版年:2012.06
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  • 附註:原為雙月刊,自民96年6月起改為季刊

Cover Story:Messages from Summer

–A Colorful Southern Summer
–Summer Lilies
–The Dance of the Summer Butterflies
–Summer Arrives in Taroko
–Summer Sun at Shei-Pa

–Under the Sea Winds
–Summer Love in Dongsha
–Sea Breezes

Featured Project – Summer Heat • Summer Feast Editorial

–Global Warming vs. Ecological Change
1.Face the Truth
2.About Our Mountains
3.About Our Ocean and Coasts
4.National Parks Cope with Global Warming

–Summer's Choir: Cicadas

–Reptiles in Summer Time
1.Taiwanese Lizards
2.Kenting Showing Lizards

–Enjoy the Fine Cuisine and Culture in Kinmen
1.The Kinmen City God Reception Parade
2.The Taste of Overseas Fusion


National Park Quarterly is an important media for 8 national parks in Taiwan to promote the achievement of wildlife conservation, environmental education and eco-tourism. Throughout the versatile contents in depth, readers around the world are more than welcome to enjoy the beauty of national parks with handpicked photographs and artistic layout.

  • Cover Story – Messages from Summer(第2頁)
    • A Colorful Southern Summer Lin Chiung-Yao(第2頁)
    • Summer Lilies Lin Shao-Chiung(第3頁)
    • The Dance of the Summer Butterflies Lin Shao-Chiung(第4頁)
    • Summer Arrives in Taroko Lin Mao-Yao(第5頁)
    • Summer Sun at Shei-Pa Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters(第6頁)
    • Under the Sea Winds Liao Dong-Kun(第7頁)
    • Summer Love in Dongsha Lu Chi-kwan(第8頁)
    • Sea Breezes Chen Li-Chuan(第9頁)
  • Featured Project – Summer Heat • Summer Feast Editorial(第10頁)
    • Global Warming vs. Ecological Change Wu Li-Ping(第13頁)
    • Summer's Choir: Cicadas Lyu Huei-Ying(第29頁)
    • Reptiles in Summer Time(第34頁)
    • Enjoy the Fine Cuisine and Culture in Kinmen(第44頁)
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