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Are you excited about the future?
That can be scary to think about when it comes to our own lives.
Our first article this month, “The Face of the Future” (p. 10) isn’t really about our personal lives but about the future of technology. What’s going on with the new iPhone X and its Face ID feature that allows you to unlock an iPhone by just glancing at the screen? Take a look at our Technology article to discover how this works!

Whether we are talking about the future or the present,
we all hope to live with a real sense of purpose. This can be challenging, especially when we are facing retirement. “Soul Purpose” (p. 42) shares some tips for how retirees can cultivate purpose. So whether you are facing retirement or just thinking about what gives you purpose, make sure you check out our Lifestyle article!
And, many of you are preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday. Maybe you are looking forward to a favorite dish that you enjoy or just the fact that you have some time off work! Our Holiday article “Home for Chinese New Year” (p. 26) describes the hustle and bustle that goes along with this special season!
We hope that you are able to rest and enjoy this holiday with family or friends and that you have a truly Happy Chinese New Year!

Your Window on the World ◆適合全民英檢中高級 以上程度。
《彭蒙惠英語》則是本系列雜誌中最新、難度也最高的一本,主要是提供給大學生與企業人士等,做為英語進深加強之用,課程內容十分廣泛,涵蓋了旅遊、心理、商 業、科技、健康、新聞、人物、文化等主題。大部分的《彭蒙惠英語》內容取材自國際媒體,提供讀者一扇「通往世界之窗」。

內容包含政經、新知、理財、人物、旅遊、藝術等,能拓展您的國際視野,專為社會菁英而精心設計的一本深度英語學習雜誌,是具備《空中英語教室 》實力之後的最佳選擇。
2007 「空中英語教室」獲得「亞洲出版經營獎 (Asia Publishing Management Awards, APMA)
2006 「空中英語教室」獲得95年「語言學習類雜誌金鼎獎」
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2004 「Advanced彭蒙惠英語」獲得93年「語言學習類雜誌金鼎獎」
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  • TECHNOLOGY The Face of the Future 未來的面貌(第10頁)
  • HEALTH Dealing With Back Pain 對付背痛(第14頁)
  • TRAVEL Namibia—A Wildlife Paradise 納米比亞──一座野生動物樂園(第16頁)
  • SPEED REVIEW The Master Coach 大師級教練(第20頁)
  • NEWS NEWSworthy Clips 新聞剪輯(第22頁)
  • HOLIDAY Home for Chinese New Year 回家過年(第26頁)
  • PEOPLE From Immigrant Family to Tech CEO 從移民家庭到科技公司執行長(第28頁)
  • ENVIRONMENT Eco-Trip to South Padre Island 南帕德雷島的生態旅遊(第32頁)
  • CAREER Young Dogs, New Tricks 向年輕人學習新把戲(第34頁)
  • LITERATURE Finding Your Next Awesome Read 找到你下一本精彩的好書(第38頁)
  • LIFESTYLE Soul Purpose 精神目標(第42頁)
  • MOTIVATION From Bronc Rider to Good Samaritan 野馬騎士轉變為善心人(第44頁)
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