• Hong Kong mangroves
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  • 並列題名:香港紅樹林
  • 作者: Nora Fung-yee Tam and Yuk-shan Wong
  • 出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press
  • 出版年:c2000
  • ISBN:978-962-937-055-8 ; 962-937-055-7
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In Chinese, mangroves are literally ''red-tree-forests''. They are found in the most well known inter-tidal wetlands in Hong Kong. Yet few people visiting this kind of marshy coastal area can identify for sure which plants are ''true''; mangroves. Nor can the visitors accurately name any of the crabs and snails there. This book, Hong Kong Mangroves, provides the answers. It gives a comprehensive introduction to the subject. Colour photographs, scientific names in both Chinese and English, simple descriptions of the features of plants and animals commonly found in mangroves, and a glossary are provided.

  • Foreword(第vii頁)
  • Preface(第ix頁)
  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • What are Mangroves?(第2頁)
    • Distribution of Mangroves(第4頁)
    • Significance and Values of Mangroves(第28頁)
    • Conservation of Mangroves in Hong Kong(第30頁)
  • Mangrove Plants(第35頁)
    • Mangrove Plants of Hong Kong(第36頁)
    • Common Types of Inflorescence(第40頁)
    • Adaptation of Mangrove Plants(第42頁)
    • Classification of Mangrove Plants(第47頁)
    • Identification Key to Mangrove and Associate Plants in Hong Kong(第48頁)
    • Pictures of Mangrove Plants(第52頁)
  • Mangrove Animals(第81頁)
    • Ground-dwelling Animal Species in Hong Kong(第82頁)
    • Characteristics and Features of Ground-dwelling Animal Species in Hong Kong(第87頁)
    • Classification and Pictures of Ground-dwelling Animals(第91頁)
  • Glossary(第126頁)
  • Further Reading(第141頁)
  • About the Authors(第143頁)
  • Index(第145頁)
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