• Stop Smoking Now! A Practical Mind Technique to Stop Smoking Completely,Easily and Effectively
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  • 作者: by Antony Maurice-Nneke
  • 出版社:Eloquent Books
  • 出版年:2010
  • ISBN:9781609118372
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Do you want to regain the energy, stamina, health, and fitness you have lost due to the ravaging tar and nicotine you have inhaled into your lungs through cigarettes, cigars, or pipes? Stop Smoking Now! offers you essential secret weapons to help you regain your energy and your health. In addition to assisting individuals to stop smoking completely, easily, effectively, and effortlessly, Stop Smoking Now! offers a uniquely positive and powerful effect on its audience and teaches them how to accomplish the following: Relax and take control of any situation Deal with stress and anxiety Acquire confidence, self esteem, and self worth Formulate goals and make plans for the future Make a plan of action to achieve a specific goal Visualize for success in any venture Build with effective thought bricks to erect an impregnable mind castle Stop Smoking Now! is a practical application of ideas and fundamental principles for the achievement of success in any venture. These principles were first introduced in the author's earlier books, Mind Castles - The Power to Achieve Success and Lose Weight Now! Antony Maurice-Nneke is a lecturer and consultant psychotherapist. He grew up in London, United Kingdom, and that is where he continues to live and write. Publisher's website: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/StopSmokingNow.html

  • Acknowledgment(第vii頁)
  • Introduction(第xi頁)
  • The Basic Idea of the Mind Technique in This Book(第xi頁)
  • Chapter 1 Essential Preliminary Steps to Stop Smoking(第1頁)
    • A Preparatory Exercise(第1頁)
    • The Fundamental Principles of the Mind Technique(第7頁)
    • The Secrets of How the Human Mind Works(第16頁)
    • Belief as an Essential Ingredient for Giving up Smoking(第24頁)
    • How to Eliminate the Negative Power of Self Defeat(第27頁)
    • Positive Strategies to Enhance Your Success in Stop Smoking(第30頁)
  • Chapter 2 The Goal and a Plan of Action for Giving Up Smoking(第41頁)
    • How to Formulate the Goal to Give up Smoking(第42頁)
    • How to Define Your Goal(第46頁)
    • How to Make an Action Plan to Stop Smoking(第55頁)
    • How to Acquire the Will to Succeed in giving up Smoking(第59頁)
  • Chapter 3 Giving Up Smoking Completely, Easily and Effectively(第61頁)
    • Deep Relaxation as a Weapon for Giving up Smoking(第61頁)
    • The Dynamics of Mental Prompts(第67頁)
    • Further Exercises for Giving up Smoking(第71頁)
    • Positive Suggestions for Giving up Smoking(第85頁)
    • Going for Your Success in Giving up Smoking(第89頁)
    • Affirmations to Bring the Results that You Desire(第93頁)
  • Chapter 4 Recapitulation(第99頁)
    • Some Essential Final Points to Remember(第99頁)
  • References(第105頁)
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