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Faaborg Harbor Bath 파보르그 하버 배스
Tagus Linear Park 타쿠스 가로 공원
Burj Khalifa Tower Park 부르즈 할리파 타워 공원
University Boulevard Transit Shelters 대학로 버스정류장 디자인

Special-Competition 스페셜-공모전
International Competition for Busan North Port Redevelopment Waterfront Park 부산 북항 재개발사업 친수공원 국제현상설계공모
2014 Busan Public Design Competition 2014 부산광역시 공공디자인 공모전
International Competition for Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a CUltural Depot Park 마포석유비축기지 재생 및 공원화 사업 국제 설계경기
Theme-Public Agency 테마-공공기관
Kic Park 킥 공원
Patios of Maasstad Hospital 마스터드 병원 중정
Cranbrook Junior School 크랜브룩 주니어 스클
Talentencampus Venlo 벤로 재능 캠퍼스
Yi Zhong De Sheng Secondary School 이종더셩 중등학교
Landscape & Architecture 조경건축
DM2 Housing DM2 주택
Daylight House 데이라이트 하우스
Moses Mabhida Stadium Precinct 모세스 마비다 경기장 지구
Feature 특집기사
Editor in Spot 에디터 인 스팟
Hwang Ji-hae 황지해 작가

Landscape of the world「(Lw)」was launched last February 2008, Protos, or domestic, by creating new addition the associated landscaping in superior shape of a park, a wide range of content such as planning by Korean, English Enable them to provide bilingual in domestic and overseas markets by issuing landscaping and Environmental Design magazine. Every issue new and different theme park for landscaping applications such as housing, the structures, aquatic park, one for each theme introduced a variety of works by setting the theme, one of a special edition A landscape architect were selected for their work by landscape architects of this month that can be examined as a special edition of I'm working on.More full and detailed introduction and for a project of a variety of topics, and photographs or images, drawings, diagrams, etc from design through completion through the processAnalyze and organize and publish by. Landscape of the world「(Lw)」including landscape in the field of expertise in the future as well in the industry's global trends for this article, based on high-quality information taken and theory, At the scene of the world who can adapt, landscaping and design magazines but it was positioned as to focus very much.

  • WORK(第12頁)
    • Faaborg Harbor Bath(第12頁)
    • Tagus Linear Park(第22頁)
    • Burj Khalifa Tower Park(第34頁)
    • University Boulevard Transit Shelters(第40頁)
    • International Competition for Busan North Port Redevelopment Waterfront Park(第46頁)
    • 2014 Busan Public Design Competition(第116頁)
    • International Competition for Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park(第126頁)
    • Kic Park(第138頁)
    • Patios of Maasstad Hospital(第148頁)
    • Cranbrook Junior School(第158頁)
    • Talentencampus Venlo(第164頁)
    • Yi Zhong De Sheng Secondary School(第172頁)
    • DM2 Housing(第178頁)
    • Daylight House(第188頁)
    • Moses Mabhida Stadium Precinct(第200頁)
  • FEATURE(第206頁)
    • PKMN(第206頁)
  • EDITOR IN SPOT(第218頁)
    • Hwang Ji-hae(第218頁)
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